Kyle's 20 Gallon Long

No, but I was thinking about it. Temps shouldnt be an issure, it just covers the front so I dont have as much "evaporation" due to the splash. I plan on making a screen for the rest from window materials to prevent the pinkstreak from escaping.
Here's a couple quick pics I snapped today from my iPhone. Not the best quality, but it's life.

Not too much happening until later this week when I get a cleanup crew ordered and probably some more rock. Aside from that, I'll probably be getting a screen made and then fishing time!
Here's a real update. More rock! Probably added 15 lbs for a total of close to 30-32 pounds.


Left mound in the corner:

Little bit of a "land bridge", if you will, for zoas, maybe?:

Center stack, head on:

Center stack, side:

Full side view:

What do y'all think?
I've got 18 Dwarf Ceriths, 11 Florida Ceriths, 7 Nassarius and 11 Antillean Nerites, as well as Red Gracilera, Ulva and a small sample of another macro coming next week. Gonna start building a sump this weekend, too.

Here's the plan:

That looks like a good plan, only concern is the baffles holding water from the fuge to the return area will make the return chamber quite small and that is where evaporation will be seen....If you are using an ATO it will not be a big issue but that's one thing to remember in a design.....
I check my salinity and top off accordingly. I don't think it will be actual baffles, just egg crate seperating, anyways. But I'll keep that in mind.
Apparently not Ho(m)e Depot. Nor did they have tape measure holsters (pouches, not holsters), a good assortment of PVC fittings for my skimmer or cold beer. Gonna try Mynerds tomorrow and if not, we'll check Blowes. And if still nothing, I'm gonna be pissed.
I got some snail mail today.




Antillian Nerites and Dwarf Ceriths

Florida Ceriths

Red Gracilera (poor quality pic)

Green Ulva

Your guess is as good as mine; 1¢ Sample Macro
There's a few extra Nass (was 7, probably 10), few extra Nerites (13-15 instead of 11), Florida Ceriths are right on, but I ordered 18 Dwarf Ceriths and there's at least 80. I suppose a lot will get eaten by my hermits. 3 left and I doubt I'll get any more.