Matt's 20 gallon long

Thanks Steve and Erin. I am adding the same amount daily. Since I've removed a lot of Sps though that number has gone down. Haven't had to dose mag since I've kept my calcium and alkalinity stable. As of right now I dose about 5 ml of alk every other day and about 5 ml of calcium every 4 days keeping those numbers at around 450 and 9.
Hey all, been awhile since i updated been pretty busy. Not much has changed. All my sps are now sold back to the LFS i got them from. I believe its my LEDs that are the issue with poor color and growth. Only one i still have left is my big floating monti cap. Looking at going back to T5s. Probably the ATI sunpower. For now the leds are doing great for what i have in my tank. Also had to give my new hammer coral away was getting huge in my tank. A friend of mine is holding it for me until i upgrade. Still have my flame angel and six line both doing great. Have been really getting into zoas recently. They have been growing and multiplying like crazy in my tank. Been growing them out fragging them and selling the frags. Heres some pics apologize for quality still using my phone camera

Sunflower zoas in the back have already sold 4 polyps of these. They go for 45 bucks per polyp around here. Started out with 1 Polyp as you can see 3 more are already growing. Watermelon palys in the front. Good money for these as well around here.

im not 100% sure of these. Think they may be fire and ice zoas , any help would be great.

My bambams and not sure of the red ones on the left, again help would be appreciated.

L.A laker zoas i beleive. Slowest growing in my tank started with one polyp been about 3 weeks and only 1 has grown.

few frags ive taken from main colonies. The red ones in the front i just did, not fully opened yet.

Thats pretty mcuh all i got for now my pink encrusting gorg was taking over my tank recently had to take out each rock and peel it off. you can see some if it on the frag in the picture above. Wasnt that bad removing it actually thought it would be alot worse. Thanks for looking.