Matt's 20 gallon long


Reefing newb
Hey all. Have only had this tank for a little over 2 years now. Upgraded from a 12 gallon nano cube after about 3 months into the hobby. Just had to upgrade! I now have a 20 gallon long sump less tank. 30" Lx12"W x13"H. Not much of an upgrade but it gave me a lot more area to let my imagination flow. Have lost a few corals and inhabitants along the way. Especially after my recent move. But, also have learned even more in the process. I can honestly say this hobby has turned into a real passion for me. As I'm sure many of you can relate too. Can honestly say at this point this is the best my tank has ever been. With weekly 12% water changes, daily feeding and regular maintenance. It has become a lot easier for me to keep this little slice of the ocean healthy and flourishing. Enjoy my tank!Not much on the technical side here. Wanted to keep it simple until my next big and final upgrade where this will most likely become a sump.

  • A 20 gallon long. 30"Lx12"W x13"H
  • Jebao wp10 wavemaker
  • Koralia 425 powerhead
  • aquaticlife 115 protein skimmer
  • Corallife digital thermometer
  • Titanium heater for a 30 gallon
  • Evergrow it2060 fully dimmable programmable full spectrum 3 watt leds
Various inverts and snails

  • Pygmy flame angel
  • Six line wrasse
  • Torch
  • Frogspawn
  • Blastomussa murletti
  • Toadstools
  • Various Zoas
  • Various mushrooms
  • Green star polyps
  • Encrusting gorg
  • Duncan
  • Few orange/red monti caps


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Looks good! When i first glanced at it for some reason i thought it was a 100+ gallon!! hahaha i think the cube makes it look huge.
thanks Jmck, im never happy with my aquascaping theres too many possibilities plus i still got 3 fairly large pieces to remove from my 12 gallon nano when its time to put everything in my 20 so i'll probably re-do everything lol
Although its not in my new tank yet, its a new addition for my new tank when its ready. A torch coral. I put it in low to medium flow where it almost instantly opened. Taking that as a good sign. My lighting in my 12 gallon is pretty lame.(leds) I have better ones for my 20. Also leds but better quality and brighter.
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Its a pink hairlike thing. At night it dissapears completley. And just looks like pink like frosting on the rock when the lights come on, the hairs come out. Not sure if that helps. ill try to get a better picture. Is an encrusting gorg harmful?
ok, crazy thing happened today. From my pics you can tell my tanks are side by side. Well, i leave the small front flap of the nano cube off to let some stuff escape, heat, gas etc. Anyways i get home feed my fish as usual. But i cant find my goby....then i look in my new tank and hes swimming laps in it. lol. Apparently he jumped from one tank to the next. Im not sure the odds of that but they gotta be slim. Thought id share. Anybody had anything like that ever happen
never seen finding neemo. does that happen? lol ya so after some chasing and rock moving i got him back in the old tank. Dont want him in there while cycling.
New tank is looking good. Only been a little over a week and my Ammonia levels are around .25-.35 judging by the shade of green. Im curious if thats the highest spike i'll see or not. If there is a general number it will reach before declining. Im in no rush just curious. Also took out a piece of live rock from my 12 gallon nano and put into the new one. And, ripped off some of the old filter i replaced from the old and put it into the filter of my new one. Just tips i read that might help. Also isnt it rather odd that i am already seeing nitrate levels before nitrite levels?