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Reefer Madness
Hey guys, just setting up a 28 gallon JBJ aquarium, advanced led version. I bought it from someone getting out of the hobby. I am strongly considering downsizing from my 120 gallon reef tank to this tank. I feel like I spend endless money on the tank and have been unable to keep LPS corals alive for over a year now for some unknown reason. I have all the best equipment and filtration on it and a full separate 30 gallon fuge that I keep about half full of chaeto if I remember to trim it. So bottom line is I'm shutting it down.

I plan to transfer all of my prized corals from my 120 display tank to this new tank and sell the rest. Keep a few of my longtime fish, but I'm thinking my leopard wrasse and McCoskers flasher wrasse would be too big for this tank. Especially coming from a 120 gallon tank full of live rock. I'm going to stick to high end corals and make the tank look nice.

Currently running the standard filtration basket and used my own filter pads, phosguard and BRS rox 0.8 carbon in media bags in second basket layer. Will consider adding a skimmer, preferably the air pump driven jbj skimmer. I want something that fits inside the back with no chance of water spilling outside the tank, so that rules HOB skimmers out.

Right now I just have standard return pumps installed on a 20 second alternating timer. Just added a Korellia 450 nano pump and I'm satisfied with the flow. Might swap it out for a wp10 sometime in the near future.

Anyways, I haven't spent a lot of time on aquascaping yet, I need more rock so what you're seeing is definitely not the finished product. I'll try to keep updating with photos as I go.

Thanks for looking, Daniel.




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Sorry for not posting updates. My new JBJ is finally where I'm happy with it. I've got a Helfrichi firefish coming tomorrow. Im addicted to chalices and plan to keep adding some nice ones.
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