75 gallon LPS 2.0 suggestions


Reefing newb
Nearly 10 years ago, I set up my 75gallon for the first time, only to tear it down on its one year anniversary due to new job/training/relocation (I'm military). My reclass ultimately got canceled and I've been too bitter about the situation set up the aquarium since. I had just reached the point where I felt the tank was ready for the creatures I wanted to keep and had designed my stocking plan around.

I want to setup my indo pacific biotope tank again, centered around the spotted foxface and mandarinfish and a few lps corals/anemones. Any other indo-pacific creatures in the tank are selected based on the job they perform to sustain the ecosystem.

So here we go again, setup 2.0. My aquarium is a 75 gallon glass tank on a stand and canopy I made in 2010. I'm almost done refinishing it and payroll will post pictures soon. I was inspecting my equipment today and realized I need new sump, skimmer and overflow as mine are in need of repair and obsolete. I am very much a beginner and have only cared for a school of chromis and a detritus team of various sand sifting stars, crabs and snails.

For my filtration system, I'll have a HOB overflow to get the water from the display tank to the mechanical filtration part of the sump. I have read about the rolling fleece wheel and that sounds like a better option than the filter sock. The skimmer section is next followed by a refugium area for copepods and other critters/bateria to establish colonies to feed the mandarinfish/corals. I also want a spot to toss cheato or some sort algea. Finally the return and ATO section, that will get the water back into the display tank via 3 locline returns that can be postitioned anywhere. I also have 3 magnetic power heads for flow. I love the flexibility of the locline and magnetic wave heads.

I have been watching videos and reading reviews for various gear and am overwhelmed by all the options, which brings me to you reefers that are far more experienced than I.

Which sump, skimmer and HoB overflow do you recommend? I have a good chuck of money saved and I'll save more as needed to get the gear that best suites my setup. I'm thinking of adding a separate refugium with water fed from the overflow or skimmer section that will gravity feed back into the sump so I can control the flow through it and add more water volume to the system. This is a list together of the gear I currently have. I'll edit the post complete the list soon.

Current USA 4227 Orbit Marine IC Pro LEF Reef Aquarium Dual Light System with Wireless Loop, 48"
*Canopy fans
2-XMHF Aquarium Chiller, Fish Tank Cooling Fan
*HoB Overflow

*power heads
3-magnetic somethings


*Return Pump
3 output Locline and pump info