New reef tank project


Reefing newb
Hello All,

I am posting this thread to log the progress of my new-to-me aquarium. The specs are as follow:

Purchased used:
40g breeder tank and stand
15g sump with bioballs and return pump with controller (Jebao 4000)
Jebao W-40 wavemaker with controller

Purchased new:

Mars Aqua 300w LED light
40lbs of Aragonite Fiji Pink live sand
40lbs of dry rock (I washed and sterilized all of it prior to tank setup)
3lbs of live rock from reputable aquarium store to help seed the tank

**Overall tank water volume is 48g (measured)

I used Coralife Marine salt for the water mix at 1.026 salinity @ 76F. The tank was setup on 11/07/2019 minus the live rock. Today I added the live rock to help speed up the cycling process. I place a pinch of blood worms to ghost feed the tank each day. Lights have been off until today. From now on, I will only have the blue lights on at 30% for about 4hrs per day to maintain the coralline algae from the live rock. I have the pumps on at the minimum setting, because I think that they are way too overpowered for the tank. If I increase the power of the pumps, there is a huge sand storm from the sandbed in the tank.

As of today parameters are:

Temp 76.4
Salinity 1.026
Ca 420
pH 8.0
Ammonia 1.0ppm
Nitrite 0.0ppm
Nitrate 0.0ppm

First picture of tank taken today:


My goal is to establish a mixed reef tank, with the hope of upgrading to a 120g tank next summer.