Filter jbj 45


Reefing newb
So I’ve been out of the hobby for a minute. I picked up a used JBJ 45 the guy had it tore down when I got there and the fish in a bag so I did a down and dirty setup to get the fish in ASAP. I mixed up 50 gallons of saltwater. I still had a RD-102 from my last tank.

I wanted something small and relatively easy to do water changes and this thing fit the bill. I’m not sure what they come with new but this setup has a eshopps nano skimmer, some UV thing (never used them before), filter socks on one side and a media basket on the other. The media basket has some black foam.

Looking for what to replace that foam with. In the top I’m going to put filter floss. What should go below? Tank was not in great shape and the rock needs a little TLC to go from green to a good coralline algae growth. Tank came with a red flame fish, a black onyx percula and some sort of yellow gobby. Also came with a Kessil 350W, all for $450.