Introducing my self


Reefing newb
Hi, everyone, I’m Loz and I use to keep tropical fish before, and it was my brother who introduced me to marine aquariums, so I did a little research before hand and started by selling off my tropical fish and aquarium contents from my 100ltr UFO aquarium. and replaced them with live sand, rocks, corals and some fish. I suddenly got the bug and because I was successful with the 100ltr UFO aquarium after 6 months I had to go bigger and after 2 1/2 years later I have been running a Aqua marine Reef 400. To tell you the truth I have lost the odd coral and fish on the way, I’ve always had an issue with phosphate and nitrates, the other water parameters fine. I have a sump that has a skimmer, UV filter, Refugium which is a little on the small size, a jebao dosing pump and a top up tank. The filter sock that came with the sump I have replaced with a homemade see-through plastic bottle container that holds fluva carbon granules in a filter bag and filter fmedia on top this has made the water coming into the sump a lot quieter has the plumbing pipe has a rubber end that hols the container bottle, it has a an overflow hole near the top of the bottle, just in case if it were ever to get blocked the water would return back into the sump, so far with regular cleaning the filter media in the container at least once a week I’ve had no problems.