New Reef Tank Opinions


Reefing newb
Hi all!
I am new to Reef keeping and I am starting a 20 gallon reef tank. I know that recommendations say to go larger but 20 is what I got. I am patiently piecing my aquarium together currently, I have currently bought the Innovative Marine 20 gallon Nuvo with stand as well as the Innovative Marine Hydrofill ATO with reservoir. The Eheim 100 Watt Heater as well.

I'm planning on getting
Innovative Marine Decktop Skimmer
Two little Fishy's GFO reactor
a couple upgraded Sicce pumps for the sump
and a tunze nanostream 6040 for inside the tank
not sure on the lighting.

I was wondering if anyone has any good or bad experiences with these, tips or maybe other items i should look into before buying.

I am also wondering what kind of surge protector people are using, and if they have the reef tank directly behind the outlet or to the side of it