Matt's 20 gallon long

Here's a better pic. I'm pretty sure it's a green birdsnest. Could be wrong though.
Bird of paradise all the way.
Thanks Anthony. Yes it is the wp10 it works great. Although, I have had it on just the random flow setting. I found the pulse mode or wave mode just wasn't enough for everything, was thinking of getting another one and alternating pulses from opposite sides. For the price though you can't go wrong with the jabeos. A lot of options in a powerhead.
Not much to update. Still been manually dosing keeping steady parameters. Lost a few sps gave some away. They werent really doing that great in my small tank, showing no signs of growth. Mainly i was finding it difficult to keep decent flow on all of them at the same time using what i have, hard to keep everyone happy.Think it may also have been a lighting issue. However my birdsnest my millipora and all of my monti caps are doing great. Also got a new hammer coral since my euphyllias (?) are doing so well. Also in the few weeks ive had my bambam zoas they have grown at least 5 new buds. Pretty happy about that since i could never get zoas to flourish in my tank before. My duncan is weird some days its fully opened for days at a time, others its closed for a few. Both fish (flame angel, and six line) are living it up, eating alot and getting fat. Not giving up on sps at all, just going to wait until i upgrade in 6 months or so. Oh, also my cyano issue has been completely gone for around a month now. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.
Heres some current shots for those who are interested.

New hammer in the middle


new bambams

older zoas are doing good as well



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