Matt's 20 gallon long




Thanks Kyle . since the new lights the colours have really come out on my euyphillas. The first one i believe is a type of green birdsnest.
Really? I can't seem to believe that...wayyyy too much polyp extension, but I suppose it could be. I was gonna guess a fuzzy blue A. millepora.
Thanks Steve. I knew it had another name couldn't think of it, I just remember him saying it's also known as a green birdsnest. Thanks. It has been difficult to find a happy spot for it, flow seems to be the biggest issue. It definitely looks better then It did when I first got it though so that's a plus.
Yes your tank is looking really nice .I love that gsp aswel as the others but i am trying to find a good piece in my lfs a big piece aswell got a good spot for them zoas too