d2mini's Epic Fantabulous New Reef Build

Here's the 3 stages of the new lights...

Two Blue+

Two Blue+, one Coral+, and one KZ Super Blue

T5's and Radiums
Tank is looking awesome. And I understand completely about the LEDs. I switched back to T5s after a few months of having them. Coverage was crap and had really slow growth. T5s and MH are tried and true.
Thanks guys… and yeah… the led were fun for a while, but I would say I gave them a fair shake… 19 months.
I just wasn't overly thrilled with what i was seeing over the long haul.
Now… OMG. The tank is really starting to color up.
Here's a couple pics and a video for your perusal. :thumbsup:



They are at the top of their game... for LEDs.
I've had the Pros since the beginning of May 2013. So 10 months.
And the Gen 1's for 9 months before that.
haha, yeah… and currently it's missing a big chunk in the center/right when i "fragged" off more than i meant too. :confused:
Oh well… made me a hundred bucks in frag monies. haha :thumbsup:
They are at the top of their game... for LEDs.
I've had the Pros since the beginning of May 2013. So 10 months.
And the Gen 1's for 9 months before that.
Wow, seems like yesterday you got them. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, you had to have 4 of them on that tank? Anyways still looks great. Are you staying with the led t5 combo then?
Yep, i had 4. And most recently i had the wide angle lenses.
These helped spread the light a little.
But man… when i put the MH/T5 fixture up, it was like turning on the light in a dark room. No joke.

My impression now, is that LED are ok if your electricity costs are out of control or for some odd reason you just can't manage the heat from MH, but they just can't match the qualities of the MH/T4 combo when it comes to color, growth, brightness and light spread.
And I have yet to see a TOTM or a TOTM eligible tank on Reef Central that is running LED exclusively.

So yeah, it looks like I'm staying with the MH/T5.
I'll reevaluate in about a year when it comes time for bulb replacements.

There is a TOTM from RC that runs MH and Plasma. Amazing looking setup.
Yeah, the leds started with just blue and white which was a horrible idea.
The multicolor units have been around for a couple years, not all that long.
But I do know some TOTM tanks that tried to make the switch to LED and ended up going back to MH/T5 or MH/LED.
The cost savings in bulb replacements and electricity just wasn't worth it compared to the health of their thousands of dollars worth of coral.
There's a big thread on RC about people going back to MH and/or T5.

I sold two of the Pros which completely covered the cost of my new setup.
One Pro moved to my frag tank and one is in storage for now.
Dennis, it is fair to say that you have the most amazing tank I have seen, from FTS to the back end, I am impressed :) Amazing!
Thanks, Josh. I can't say I agree with you as there are so many tanks out there that make my tank look like a turd, but I appreciate the compliment. :)

So I have been working on a little video series.
I've had so many requests for a better look at my fish room area so I decided to do some videos and break them up into sections.
Here's the first couple vids. If you subscribe to my channel you'll get updates as I post more.
Please excuse the low production value and goofy guy in front of the camera. o_O