MitchReef's Reef...well the current one at least....

That shouldn't be a problem.....That is the only coral I have that survived the couple of really bad years I had before starting this tank. I lost all but one fish and oh, so many beautiful corals....
That would be awesome! Is it pretty demanding or just like any other monti?

And how are those lights doing? I'm getting close to ordering some.
I like the lights but plan on taking out quite a few of the whites and replacing with royal blues. I am barely running my whites channel and am about as blue as I want to be, but I would love to be able to crank down on the blue channel some. I have not been good about chemistry at all and have not regularly dosed anything, shoot, I didn't do a water change for too long so I'm not getting great growth on the corals but that's my fault.

As for the Sand dollar, it's a pretty hearty coral and if you can keep Pokerstar or Sunset this is pretty similar in demands. Not quite as easy as an orange cap or digi. Those will just about grow in my driveway! The Sand dollar gets nice pink polyps with a baby blue tissue, pretty coral.
Yeah, I think its really attractive. I have a red monti cap and a green polyp birdsnest that I recently got, otherwise I don't really have experience with SPS. But I can't find anyone anywhere with a frag. How much would you like for a small (2-3") frag?