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Hello all, I will get this figured out and will pop the tank up for all to enjoy.Powder Brown Tang originally named Zen but changed to Rampage Jackson
ORA Naked Clown
AKABryanHall MaiTai Hybrid Clown
Blue Reef Chromis
Lawnmower / Sailfin Blennie
Midas Blennie
Orange Diamond Sand Sifting Goby
2 X Serpent Stars
3 Nassarius Snails
15 or so Florida Cerith Snails
2 Philippine Turbos
ReefersDirect Space Favia
Miami Hurricanes Chalice
several other no-name chalice varieties
Hawkins Blue Acropora Echinata
ORA Red Planet
Tri-Color Acropora Valida
Tyree Sunset Montipora
Red Hot Chili Pepper Montipora
Tyree Pink Sanddollar Montipora
bunch of other SPS


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So, now that the introduction is done and I can start with what I am doing / have done...

Here is the wall it will be set into....

and the garage, before I moved EVERYTHING on earth out of the way....

I had a couple of intrusions in my original plan, specifically the attic pull-down ladder and the garage door....


I started out by cutting out the garage side of the wall and putting in a doubled up cap beam and jack studs to make up what I took out....

I had to move the triple light switch box to make room, and of course there was not anywhere near enough wire so I had to put in a box for the splices in order to get the switches moved out....nothing is easy....
Next step was to frame the walls, dipping down a bit to clear the garage door....


I have since run a 20 Amp dedicated service powering 12 double outlets under Ground Fault protection and 2 double outlets unprotected as well as a light switch for the overhead lighting....but pictures of wiring are just boring....

This weekend's goals are to buidld the tank and sump/fuge stands, install the door into the third wall and put it up, then insulate and drywall the walls....
Thanks Anthony....

I am the Crowned King of DIY and have built a lot of things through the years, largely because I am a low-budget reefer...but that really helps with stuff like this...

The system will be a 120G 4' X 2' X 2' glass display tank, a drilled 75G glass tank as sump and fuge and the current 29G glass frag tank plumbed into the whole system....The return duties will be handled by a Blueline external pump, with flow provided by a single MP40W (not ES), with battery backup, and 2 Koralia 1050s. I have a new Jager 300W and an old Jager 150W heater that will be in the sump along with my Marineland 300G protein skimmer...the lights are ordered but not yet herre, but they are 2 ReefBreeders 120W full spectrum LED arrays with 90degree optics...I am also building a strip of 12 X 3W Royal Blue LEDs with 45 degree optics just for highlight....I made a DIY two part dosing system that will add Oceans Blend 2 part and a DIY ATO system for the evaporation duties....I have an old waarhorse of a 1/3 HP chiller if needed but with the LEDs I really shouldn't need it....It will all be overseen by my new Apex Lite with pH probe...Just outside the wall that the sump will be against will be my RODI with a fresh barrel running down to a salt mixing barrel which will run in through the wall for easy water changes....There are going to be many other details to see but suffice it to say this is going to be a nutso build....

follow along, it's going to be fun....
If anybody is interested I can put up pictures of some of the frags, but they aren't great shots....These will look MUCH better when I get them under LEDs and can add some blue to them....
No-name zoas....


WWC Pandoras

Miami Hurricane chalice and Purple Valley Platygyra...the Hurricane is hanging off the end of the rock now...

Reefers Direct Space favia...the eyes are popping red under good lighting...

The browned out Pink Sanddollar monti....

RDEs and EEs (Radioactive Dragon Eyes and Eagle Eyes)...this is my 11 year old daughter's frag....:D

and my Mindblowing Palys....

I will be starting over on my beloved Acroporae but fear not...I can grow some sticks!!!

Thanks for looking,
And yes...I know...there is bubble algae and green algae and god knows what else in the holding tank but NONE of that rock is going into the system until it is good and well cleansed....I have 2 boxes and a cooler full of clean dead rock to set up with....
I didn't get as much done yesterday as I had wanted to....just too much other life going on....but I did get the door framed in and the final wall framing up....


And I got the tank stand top put together....the stick holding it is just a prop stick, the stand will be strong and structural when finished....oh yeah, and level!!!

Now I'm headed over to get my neighbor's truck and off to buy sheetrock and insulation!!!
Nice, hate rockin though, sanding is such a pain in the b@lls. Coming along nice, and no worries on the time-frame. As people always tell me, nothing in this hobby happens over-night :p
Nothing good without a few beers and powertools...oh wait, that can't end happily...

Well, looking good so far! Have fun rocking, glad I'm not doing it.
I made some nice progress today....I went and picked up the sheetrock and got most of the outside walls hung, as well as the drop ceiling....




I kept the back wall open until I get the lights in...after all I don't want to have to run a stinking hot shop light....

It's getting far as all the sanding has to be a bit of a zen thing....and when I get way tired of it I will just call it enough sanding !!!! LOLOL!!!!

Not to mention the multitude of sins the drywall can hide!!!:shock:
Hahaha, it's in the garage, so it can fall under the "good enough" category :D. Also, aren't you worried about it getting cold in there with just false walls surrounding it? During the winter it'll be pretty chilly.

Oh wow duh. You live in Florida. Winter is a Joke there haha. Sorry, excuse my stupidity :p
The walls and ceiling are going to be fully insulated and I am putting a pair of vents (one high and one low) into the, generally our winters aren't as much of an issue as the summers....