my name is MitchReef and I'm addicted to reef


reef noobie, since 1986
Hey everybody, I just stumbled upon your site and looked around a bit, then decided I ought to join up. I have been keeping corals since the dark ages of the hobby. I had my first captive stony corals in 1986. I am extremely handy which is good because I generally have no budget for hobby expenses. I have had numerous tanks through the years but now have only a little 29G AGA "reef holding tank." It is not the typical 29AGA though, having a drilled overflow and a full sump and fuge, running MH and T5HO supplement. It has a Starry Blennie named Lennie and a pair of ocellaris clowns, a Naked Clown female named Godiva and her Misbar male, Tom. There are about a dozen frags in there, ranging from no-name zoanthids up to a thriving Tyree Miami Hurricane chalice. I am currently working on a new home for the inhabitants. I am building a room in my garage for my 120G 4' reef tank to live in-wall. I will start a thread for the tank build, but unfortunately I have to do real work stuff now.

Thanks for having me,
My dad is from Goshen, outside Troy, Mom's from Talledega, my oldest sister was born in Opelika and my other sister and I in Alexander City....both sides of my family go back about 7 generations or more in Alabama