Living in 10,000 + SQMiles of Reefs - Going back in to Reefing...


Reefing newb
Hi all,

My name is Andaman, i live in Phuket, I've been out of the reefing for a while (mainly because i bought so much land here with direct views/access to the reefs over the years and grew bored...).

Anyway, i used to be in the UK and Bahamas, always had reefs, one way or another but after closing down a 8 x 4 x 3 foot one a few years back when divorcing the first wife i kinda lost interest, however transferred most to my father and set him up a reef :D

Anyway, i realised a few months back that there was a Marine based LFS here in Phuket, and after visiting i just bought a custom made for in the wall.. it went all well till fitting it in the wall when it was dropped and well the rest is history... 5555

5555 = ha ha ha ha "5 is pronounced ha"

Anyway that sort of changed plans, rather than wait for a new custom made to be sent from Bangkok i bought of the shelf and have a 140ltr top and a 60-80 ltr sump.

Being me i snatched a metal stand, and thought it would be easy enough building a unit around it.... well it's sturdy, but now needs a faceplate to make it pretty and get the wife of my back... 555

As mentioned i live in Phuket, and pretty much coral, rocks etc are everywhere, but in Thailand its kinda weird, Thais can collect but foreigners can not, so i point and she collects ... we have the live rock (lots) working through and started with the coral SPS. and i think a few zoas

I am here literally to get back in the discussion side of things so that i re-learn or learn...


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It must be lovely to live so near to the coast. I used to live near the coast when I was growing up in Dorset, UK, and it was beautiful but in a different way - it's called the Jurassic Coast because of the amount of fossils and interesting geological formations. I would have loved to have warmer waters though!