Kyle's Super Awesome 40 Gallon Reef

I feel your pain, I had to move unexpectedly 3 times in the past year and it's tough

good thing is, it is always fun setting up a tank and I am sure it won't be long before you do; there is always things you wished you had done different so look forward to that
Thanks. For now we have a 38 gallon Malawi tank and those things are getting big. I love those fish, they're so cool. I've always wanted blue rams and I recently saw the red cacatuoides and really like them. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to wait because well be moving again in 6 months.

I think I may stay away from marine tanks for awhile and explore freshwater some more. When you think it's all the same and you've done it all, something else just pops out. I'm sure I'll be back, but I may just play with other fishy stuff for awhile.