Kyle's Super Awesome 40 Gallon Reef


Welcome to my showcase and thanks for stopping by. I hope ou enjoy my work!

I have a 40 gallon breeder (36"x18"x16") mixed reef. It is currently running without a sump or outside filtration of any kind. Flow is provided by three Hydor Koralia powerheads and my lighting is 55x3 watt LED's in the ReefBreeders Value fixture.

I run my lights on a timer from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and they are currently set at 25% on each channel. There are 28 LED's in the 450 nm range, 6 at 420 nm, 6 at 480 nm, 2 at 660 nm and 13 at 4,500°K.

My temperature is kept fairly stable between 80-81℉, salinity is kept at 1.025-1.026 with an auto top off unit and using Reef Crystals and my pH is a pretty steady 8.1.

Check back often for updates and pictures and thanks again for looking.
40 Gallon Mixed Reef
ReefBreeders Bridgelux LED's
2x Koralia 850
1x Koralia 425

Heating & Cooling
AquaTop 200 watt heater
Automatic Top Off
AutoAqua Smart ATO
Water Testing
Hanna pH Meter
D-D Seawater Refractometer ATC

Kent Marine Essential Elements
  • (Half dose with water changes)
Rock & Substrate
40 lbs Fiji Pink Fine (#0) Aragonite
42 lbs Marco Rocks
Background Paint
Behr Ultra Artesian Water (S-G-550) if you like it.
Yellow Clown Goby (Gobiodon okinawae)
Peppermint Shrimp (Lysmata wurdemanni)
2 Astrea snails (Astrea sp.)
4 Nassarius snails (Nassarius vibex)
11 Florida Cerith snails (Cerithium sp.)
6 Nerite snails (Nerita fulgurans)

Red Montipora capricornis
Red Montipora digitata

Green Seriatopora guttatis
Bali Green Slimer (Acropora yongei)
Frogspawn (Euphyllia paradivisa)
Hammer (E. parancora)

Green Star Polyps
Cinnamon Palythoas
Fire & Ice Zoanthids
Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoanthids

Whammin' Watermelon Zoanthids
Pink Lemonade Zoas


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Thanks, I'm really excited. Any opinion on Reef Octopus skimmers? Specifically a DCS-150 with a Diablo 3500 pump. I'm also looking at a JBJ Tru-Temp heater system (500w).
Got 42 pounds of rock from my LFS (he buys Marco Rocks) and I got to hand pick it all and even play in an empty tank! Hopefully I can rebuild this at home, now.

I also ordered 40 pounds of Fiji Pink fine Aragonite, 2 Hydor 850's, a pH meter, and an ATO. I think before bed tonight, I'm going to order my light and refractometer, and were going to get paint right now. Everything from him should be here Thursday.
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Thanks guys. I'm going to be moving everything in the 20 to a 10 soon and setting up the 40 where the 20 is. Should be wet and cycling next weekend.
Painting time!

Here we go:

And it is cold outside, but we stayed in a well ventilated area.

Pouring the paint:

Rolling it on:

And I guess it takes a couple passes...
kbuser92 updated Kyle's Super Awesome 40 Gallon Reef

Bought a 40 breeder today on sale, so I guess its official now!

Tank will be a 40 gallon sumpless (for now) Lighting will be provided by a ReefBreeders LED fixture and flow by two Koralia 850's to start with a 425 behind the rockwork. AutoAqua Smart ATO will be keeping my water level constant and I will finally be getting someong awaited Salifert liquids and a couple Hanna checkers.

This build will be slow for a couple months, but will pick up after taxes. Been waiting awhile so I'm really excited.

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Ha. That'll be awhile. I'm going to get more salt and water now. Bad news is I lost my peppermint and I think my scarlet skunk is going to die, too. He's acting stressed, just lying on his side.