Kyle's Super Awesome 40 Gallon Reef

Once you raise the lights (hang em) it'll help spread the white/blue evenly. I have two of the same fixtures, and they did absolutely fine. Glad to see everything is going well for you :)
Thanks, Anthony. I keep saying I need to hang it up, but then I go buy corals. I'm looking for LA Lakers zoas, maybe Joker zoas if he sells them by next week, a purple Capricornis, a sun coral and a blue something. Like bright blue. He also had a sweet red branching something...I should've just bought all 3...
She's working late tonight so I'm sneaking one in. I'm pretty sure it's a Montipora digitata because it has the Montipora polyps and has white growth at the tips. Let me know what you think.
Oh yeah, it was only $20! It's on a 2" plug for reference.
Love it. Only issue is the bucket doesn't fill itself back up. :cool: And I did have to trim the black rim to get the water level up where I want it.
How much of a change in water level before the pump kicks on? And before it alarms for a flood warning? I'm thinking of putting it on my DT but I'm also adding a Wp10 so I will have some waves.
Ooh, I'm not really sure. If you put it in your sump it would be fine, but I'm not sure about big waves. I know mine runs really frequently, but I'll try to see if the manual says anything. I don't think there's an alarm for flooding, but there is an audible alert for an empty reservoir.