Kyle's Super Awesome 40 Gallon Reef

kbuser92 updated Kyle's Super Awesome 40 Gallon Reef

Welcome to my showcase and thanks for stopping by. I hope ou enjoy my work!

I have a 40 gallon breeder (36"x18"x16") mixed reef. It is currently running without a sump or outside filtration of any kind. Flow is provided by three Hydor Koralia powerheads and my lighting is 55x3 watt LED's in the ReefBreeders Value fixture.

I run my lights on a timer from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and they are currently set at 25% on each channel. There are 28 LED's in the 450 nm range, 6 at 420 nm, 6 at 480 nm, 2 at 660 nm and 13 at 4,500°K.

My temperature is kept fairly stable between 80-81℉, salinity is kept at 1.025-1.026 with an auto top off unit and using Reef Crystals and my pH is a pretty steady 8.1.

Check back often for updates and pictures and thanks again for looking.

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Thanks. After some reading, I'm not sure it's actually A. yongei, but time will tell. That's what it was sold as. At least its a green acro and had good extension when I put it in. And it was superglued to the plug so I got it off easily.
Lol. I may try that. I jokingly asked how much he'd give me if I fragged what I wanted he said $20/total polyps x what I bring back. So I may "cheat"...or I know a guy that wants some of those, radioactive dragon eyes and a red monti frag, so that's plan b.