Peninsular Build

Our new sump is finally coming together.


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Wow, I love the rock work here. This is a great looking tank!
Thank you very much. We didn't want to over crowd the tank. We are tang heavy & need swim space. Also very aware with them being messy fish needed to have good flow around the whole tank with no dead spots where detritus could land in sand. We do have about. 100kg of live rock in sump for extra bacteria.
Well its been roughly 8 Weeks since ICH outbreak and devastating loss of fish but think we have finally turned the corner.
All inhabitants are healthy and well. eating like pigs and doing great. Our lipstick that lost his eye sight has returned to full healthy and once again rules this tank with an iron fist.
corals are also booming, seeing growth and color differences weekly.

Started using dosing pump about 3 months ago and think the consistent levels have improved coral healthy immensely. I was using Red Sea supplements in doser but found that to be very expensive, so have taken the plunge to use Randys. cost has gone from about .94c a day to .12c a day.. huge savings in the long term. Very happy with results as well. I am lucky our local LFS sells Randys in 1 kg bags already made ready to bake and mix..
My test results have been consistently good, including phos and nitrates.

We decided with this tank we were going to stick to a much stricter maintenance routine with water changes. It was quite a large job doing WC on old tank but this one we can do about 250lt in approx 12 mins, we are delighted with our decision to use the IBC for NSW. No mixing, heating etc. We find that when something is a hassle to do we do it less. So we are doing 250lt every 21 days. Unlike the old tank when honestly we would do the same volume every 12-12 weeks.

I have set up the 3 x tlf reactors with a snap on hose fitting to the pump so I can individually change out media as need easily, or do all three in about 15 mins. So have been a lot more diligent with these as well.

Had a cyno outbreak on rocks and sand and instead of rushing out to buy some chemiclean got some great advise , didn't panic and it cleared up in a couple of weeks.

Hubby and I realized at this point how much we had changed in our approach to things, we seem to have learnt to read the tank a lot better, what certain corals should and shouldn't be doing etc, Fells almost like we have taken a large step forward in this hobby.

Unfortunately one of they Maxpect Gyers gave up the ghost (4 months old) so are waiting on spare parts, flow is not great with one, but will make do for a little while, may have to pull the tunzes out the cupboard if takes much longer.
Managed to get a reasonable full tank shot of the tank today. Looking really nice we think.
Although a bit empty, will have to get some more fish, bit disappointing having such a large DT with very few fish, although the existing fish aren't arguing the point.. lol