200 Gallon build

Yeah it was just a bracing that was cracked. I am getting two pieces of glass and will sandwich it together with tank silicone.
Installed dedicated circuit for the new build and getting equipment in place. Learning the Apex with a few bumps along the way but I hope to get it generally figured out soon. Just have to plumb the UV and media reactor. Everything has been stored for the new build and as I was taking apart the media reactor to get ready to install I found damage a broken screw and broken center pipe. Upon receiving it when I ordered it I only checked it for obvious damage and repacked it. I am currently in contact with the place I ordered it to resolve the issue. I have had good customer service so far I hope that it continues.

20190117_233855_resized.jpg 20190118_000107_resized.jpg 20190118_000122_resized.jpg 20190117_153707_resized.jpg 20190117_153726_resized.jpg
Finished plumbing everything for the tank and the sump in the basement. Just leak testing everything and so far so good. I will be starting the move into the new tank in about a week.

Took a couple of vids:

20190125_001152.jpg 20190125_001214.jpg 20190125_001410.jpg