Ryans Reef

Those are awesome lil fish.
But a word of caution,Make sure you have something over the tank so he cant jump out.Their lil escape artist that love to carpet surf.
Reckon its time to scrub the rocks?
I fought bryopsis for nearly a year and couldnt get a head of it.Untill I scrubbed every single rock off.
Might be Yote Im VERY aggrevated with it. Ive even contemplated selling the system off and going with the 220 in storage. A rash decision that Im not going to do...yet. Needless to say Im angry with the situation and am getting frustrated.
If you let it aggrevare and frustrate you,then the algae will beat you.
Of course I'd like to see you set that 220 up and get it going too.
I'm fighting red turf myself now.With parameters thats spot on.Just cant give up.You'll eventually beat it,just gotta keep plugging along at it.
I just cant understand the reaction to the algae issue. Algae is a sign of a heathy tank with a good food source, to deal with algae you need to identify it and then introduce the animals in the correct numbers that will help out with your problem. I currently am using 6 tuxedo urchins blue, and one large orange tuxedo urchin and two long spine black urchins, I also use a pair of long pointed tongs to pull out the clumped algae and the urchins clean up the rock, now, I also have lost a tiger cowie and a 3" abalone to the sting of the long spine urchin, but, this is part of the risk in dealing with algae naturally, several fish have been spinned also but have survived, as for the algae im gaining on it but it is still some what of a problem but getting better. also your system will not be fully matured until it is close to 2 yrs old or more, so, decide what you want in the system and add what will help you. Now Im surly not suggesting you do as I do, but, algae control if you feed properly all your animals is an ongoing difficulty. hope this helps. oh and by the way algae is easier to remove as it gets longer and clumps, you wont get it all but as it grows back it will get easier and easier to remove it from the same place and if the embeded protiens, detritus at the roof line is removed by the urchins it will very gradually start to eradicate. pm me if you have any questions on this post. (the chromis fight and flick the tongs everytime I start pulling algae, they use the short turf for spawning and dont lime me messing with it.)
If it were just a few clumps of algae it wouldnt bother me. Ive been battling it and it is definately thinning out, it still covers about 70% of my rockwork. When I get the hair-algae just about taken care of the red turf takes over but thats ok it keeps the hair from return 90% of the time. I just seem to end up doing damage to my corals everytime im in the tank. My nice pocilliapora colonie is not 10 frags as I bumped it off the rock, then dropped it when trying to take it out and reglue it.
Algae can grow even if no phosphates, other food sources are available, however, if no algae is what is wanted, then the tank must be set up for a very light bio load. once way to help reduce the algae is to blow off the rock once a week to put any settled detritus back into suspension, acts like a storm and tends to clean off the rock. anyways, the idea that algae is not good is a misconception, uncontrolled algae is not good, but controlled algae serves a purpose in a marine system. IMHO (in my humble opinion)
John your opinions weigh in a lot with me. Thanks for taking the time to post in this thread. Im just trying to reign it in a little, it has claimed a couple of corals before I noticed what was going on.
Good luck with the algae battle.

I just clicked back a couple of pages saw that you got a blue spot. :D Did you buy it locally or order online? I'm no where near getting one but I'm looking forward to the day when my tank is established enough and I can add one to my tank. How many inches of sand in your DT?
I have 3-4 inches in the display. I got it locally, and actually got it for a great price. Make sure you get one that is eating and you could probably get one now given that you have a canopy or a cover for the tank(not glass, mesh of some sort)
Newest addition and probably the last for a while.

Male Blonde Naso he is about 5" long with streamers just starting, it has already tamed the bastard Kole tang!

It actually wasnt aggressive at all, the Kole is just deathly afraid of it. As soon as it see's it, it takes a defensive posture and has quit trying to bully everything else.