CivicDemons125 gl Reef tank !!!!


Go Big Or Go Home !
So i decided to Post this up to Show my Tank From how i started it and how it is now.

So it started out as a Cichlid tank for a couple years. But it got borring so we went to SaltWater

Cichlid tank.


Looked great and at time i miss it but i know with time My Reef will look even Better.

The Change.

Heres a little vide we did about a month in a half of having the tank. We jump the gun and did not do reaserch before getting some fish. even do i loved the fish most of them died from ICH and a couple got taken back to the LFS.

A couple pics after adding more Live Rock Still running with LFS water and canister filters at this time.


So after most are fish died we went with corals for a bit and got a new light, Thats still need to be changed for LEDs in the near fututre.

Then we had diatoms problems and stuff so i decided to test a cheap methos to making a sump using sterlite containers.


That did not work and ended in a total fail with baffles falling and everything.

So i put out the money and went with 2 eshops RS 100 sumps and put them toghether using 2 inch bulkheads and pvc. i did all the plumbing and got all that going and removed the canister filters..




So now i was left with a nitrate issue after switching. So i decided to do 3 water changes this last week and brought the nitrates down and finally got my Skimmer working really good.

Another change i have since made is i started using Red Sea Reef pro salt to make my water and i must say i love it.

I will post pictures of my tank how it sits now Tomorrow. My Fish are all doing great Kinda got a little scared 2 weeks ago couse i seen a little white spot on my yellow tang but he has ben fine with no spots. So yeah Pictures to come Soon.

Thanks for looking.
I do use a filter sock. But my skimmers seems to pull more gunk with the sock off. So i mainly ise the sock durring watter change when stuff gets stired up and goes ddown the overflow.
Well got a couple more corals This week , Got a killer Deal on a candy cane coral for 45 $ with more than 18 heads, also got a nice little zoa frag and and toadstol.





Thanks, Its comming along Slowly But surely. I need to post new pics of my Sump Refugium, Chaeto has grown a grip, But for some reason its still breaks little strangs all the time.
mine doubles every month. When I turn it I always have parts shooting up in to the display. I assumed it was normal...
Yeah it is a bit amall but thw door is usually open and hes able to come out and craw all over the cage. He sometimes jumps onto my frilled dragons cage and chills on it if his wings havent ben freshly cliped. He is hand tame.