12 Gallon Long


Reefing newb
Hey everyone just coming back to the hobby after a long time away from it. I live in San Diego and work has quitted down enough for me to start up reefing again. I decided to start with a small tank and I had purchased 12g long Aqua Maxx many years ago and this is the first time its seen water. So far I got a pair of clowns, some corals and an anemone that's doing horrid need to figure that out. Here's a couple pics from my phone Ill post some better ones later from my camera.
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That's a nice looking setup!

Generally speaking, news don't do well in small tanks. You'll find various advice but common consensus is nothing under 75-100 gallons. They're very sensitive and it's difficult to maintain a stable enough environment in a small tank. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing your progress!