Haven't Been Here For A While.


Reefing newb
As you can see I haven't been on here for quit a while. I have a small 20 gallon glass saltwater aquarium that was given to me by my grand daughter's husband. I still have my 2 Anemone Fish, Damsel Fish of some species and a "lobster." I had to replace my Neon Dottyback. I had a Ocellated Dragonet but lost him a while back. It reminded me of a Sculpin, which we have a lot of different species here in the Juneau Area. I had both for a long time too. I am still a novice with saltwater aquariums. I use to help collect and feed the aquariums at Douglas Island Pink And Chum Hatchery which has aquariums of the various saltwater creatures found here in Southeast Alaska. I went out with the biologist who took care of the aquariums and collected for the aquariums also. He has since retired but I still have a collecting permit to collect for DIPAC from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. I hope to go out collecting this spring on the low tides.