Six Line Wrasse Possibly Dying?

Nancy H

Reefing newb
I'm new to this site and fairly new to saltwater aquariums. I have a 65 gal Red Sea Max aquarium which has been doing fairly well with a couple hick-ups here and there. I'm worried about my 6 line...last night about 6 or 7 pm I cleaned the protein skimmer since I had changed and increased the lighting which caused an increase in algae. At any rate, I stupidly didn't attach the skimmer properly so it wasn't working all night. At 4 am I woke up and found my rose bubble tip anemone peeling off the rock and all fish disappeared. The lights were off so I figured the fish were hiding because it was dark but I noticed my anemone was shrinking and peeling off the rock so I knew something was wrong. Once I figured out the skimmer wasn't attached properly I took care of that and then I checked all levels and everything looked fine. However, I found my six line laying on its side behind a rock. He's still alive but I'm worried now. I went back to sleep after doing everything I could at that time. At 8 am this morning the anemone looked MUCH better and my tang came out along with the chromis etc but my 6 line moved to the another area behind a rock and still laying on its side. My question is could leaving the protein skimmer off or unattached kill my six line and does anyone know if he will survive?