HELP! with anthias aggression and killing my fish


Reefing newb
hello anyone that can help with a dispar anthias that has attacked two other anthias to the verge of death and have gone in to hiding it has been three days and i finally found one near the bottom i fear their swim bladder is damaged because they aren't able to swim properly and has two wounds on the lower right side near its spine. while the other one was staying close to the coral two days ago and would not leave yesterday i found her laying behind the live rock at the back of the tank i could not reach her to provide help. I was able to move one in to my Sumps' refugium for the time being to hopefully recover. there were a total of 5 anthias in the tank and only three get along. i have tried to catch the one that has been bulling the two that are the verge of death but he just looks at me when ever i get near the tank and hides where i can not get him. any help would be greatly appreciated.