Crazy Clowns


Reefing newb
We've got 2 False Perculas and a Yellowtail Damsal. A couple snails and two hermit crabs.

When we first got them,the first thing they did was dug around our little spongebob house decoration to where it tipped on its side. Shortly after that we cleaned the tank,set everything back the way it was, and they did it again. So we left it. But one of my clowns just lays inside the tipped over house! Sometimes outside the house next to the rocks it will just sit there upright not moving. All the fish eat normally, I tested everything in the tank like crazy the first 2weeks we had them because I was worried about how they would lay on the bottom. It was all within normal limits. It's mostly just the one but sometimes they both do it. The damsal just likes to stay tucked away behind his rock. They aren't gasping for breath or anything while they lay there either. Color looks normal. We also do not have an anemone... is this causing a big issue for them? Or is this "normal".

We've had the clowns for probably 5 months the damsal maybe a year
Hi and welcome to Living Reefs!

Sounds like your clowns found a host;) If they are eating good, looking good and acting somewhat like a clown then I wouldn't worry. They are fine without an anemone but they will find things like SpongeBob's house to host them. :)
Late welcome.

Since you have decorations, you might get a decorative anemone. They are super flexible silicone, and will take the clowns on right away :)