Software Updated


It's done! The forum software has been updated! You might notice a lot of things look different, but that's simply because some things were no longer compatible with this new software. I'll try to help explain where to find some things.

Where did the showcase go?

The showcase was one of the things that simply wasn't compatible with this version of software, so it wasn't updated. Don't worry, though! None of your images, or data, are lost. I've converted all of those showcase items to threads and they can all be found in the tank showcase forum here:

I don't see the articles anymore!

That's right. I didn't think it was necessary to have the articles linked in the main navigation, especially considering there are still so few of them. We may look to add some more in the future but, for now, the old ones can be found in the archive section here:

What happened to the species database?

Once again, something that I simply couldn't update because a new version doesn't exist. This was an add-on built custom to LivingReefs that is no longer compatible with this version of software. So, I had to convert all of that data in the archives as well.

However, I do think having a database for different species is a very good thing to have so I will be writing a custom one for us. Once it's ready, I'll start importing some data from the archives into it. The new one will be much more advanced and, hopefully, easier to use.

I've got a lot of things in mind that I'd like to bring to this site, so please stick with me here. Things will be changing quite a bit over the course of the next several months so, please, keep checking back in!