Refugium? Reactor?


Reefing newb
Hi All! New to the forum but looking for some help identifying a couple of things.

I am back into the hobby after about 15 years away. I've got a new 30 gallon tall started with a clown, and some chromis and I picked up a semi-neglected 20g with nice live rock, a few zoas and a davinci clown which I added a couple chromis to as well.

Anywho. In prep for a larger tank build (100plus), I picked up some dry rock and a sump (in the background of the first pic) from a guy and it had what I thought from the picture might have been a DIY skimmer but upon pickup clearly wasn't. I'm thinking it might be a reactor of some type? Not too familiar with them myself so if that's what it is, I'll do some more reading.

Then while I was in the driveway cleaning the bio cubes and the sump out, my neighbor stopped and gave me this very nice piece he said was in a house he bought (he wasn't a fish person). This thing is 30x14x16 but has no manufacturer markings and I'm not 100% sure if its a refugium and they weren't a 'thing' last time I had a tank.

Any ideas?

For giggles I'll share my plan and solicit feedback....

I thought I'd pre-build a built-in stand w/ cabinet front big enough for a 125-180 gallon since I have a spot for it. I'll put the 2 existing tanks I have there for the time being since they are currently in places that are less than desirable from my wifes point of view. Once I'm able to get the sump/refugium going, I'll do so and let that get established, feeding the two tanks and then when I get the larger permanent tank, switch everything over.

I'm an avid DIY'er so I'll do a lot of the acrylic overflows, plumping etc myself.