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Well Boys and Girls the time has come for me to finally start my build thread. It sure has been a long time coming. Im going to start off by reguritating out some older pics that show some of the equiptment that I have compiled and some new stuff that I have gotten recently.

Here are a few shots of my 180 when I brought it home back in March. Good deal for 600 bucks. Tank, Stand, Canopy, and Reflectors





It was a filthy mess that was a huge pain to clean, its still not in tip top shape but it will be shorty.
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Here are a couple pics that show some of the drilling in the tank

Back wall


Overflow One


Overflow Two

Here is my skimmer. Its a Bermuda BPS-8c with a mag18 drive pump.



Heres a couple of action shots. This monster sucks some serious scum!


I have also picked up about 120lbs of live rock. Also picked up a 90 gallon drilled tank for 50 bucks to store it in.




Duh im such a knucklehead. Here is a shot of the stand and canopy for the 180. Its at our new house waiting to refinish our hardwood floors before i get wet...Ill get to that soon enough. Dont mind the door being off it wont always look that way.

Its about time you got this thread started.:mrgreen:
I'm looking forward to see this come together.Any projected date to get wet?
Here is the newest equitment added to my collection. Used as always. 400 bucks for the following plus an old AGA 75 gal no center brace half inch glass to be used for a sump.


Mag 12 for a return pump.

Sequence 3200 to be used for an external closed loop

Icecap 400w Electronic ballast, wiring harness and reflector(wont be used)
Now for the project that needs to be done before the fun can begin! Where Bob Villa when I need him? We pulled up our wall to wall hoping to find the still gorgeous oak hardwood floors that my parents covered. NO SUCH LUCK! 20 years, three kids and two dogs later and this is what you get.



So after I get home from work on Wednesday I have got work to do!
Oh and please ignore the clutter! We are still getting settled in to the new house.

Yote we are planning on getting wet about the third week in July. We are going on vacation to Michigan and Iowa from July 11 through the 18th. So Im planning on having everything plumbed and ready to put water in the day we get home.

That pretty much gets us up to date and combines all of my threads together.

Heres to the beginning of something beautiful!
I'm glad you're getting the show on the road! It looks like it's going to be a great setup, you've got good equipment so far.

Just a question... That wallpaper... Ummm... Is it still there??? ;)
a little elbow grease and some new stain and those floors will look phenomenal.

edit: I was gonna mention something about the wallpaper too, but glad to see Biff did instead.
Yeah Biff that wallpaper is still there. It looks awful in the pictures. It doesnt look that bad in person. Lets just say that my mother went through an.....eccentric stage in life! Its an old house that deffinately needs some updating, just dont want to lose some of its classic styling(Its on the top of my list of things to do!) That and a new coat of paint in the kitchen. You really dont notice how bad some things look until you post pictures for the world to see. Im embarassed.
Build is off to a good start keep the pics coming. I promise I wont make fun of your wall paper, I will leave that up to the ladies. Seriously though your set up looks nice and the bad thing is that you still have a lot to purchase I'm sure.
Actually I almost have everything that I need. I just need to pick up the other half of my live rock its being held for me. Im getting an Icecap 660 from the same guy for my actinics. I need to build my sump, which I have the tank just need to put it together. Decide what Im going to do for substrate and pick up 2x250w metal halides. Oh yeah I need to drop some more cash for the plumbing. Man good valves are spendy!

QUESTION: Do you guys think that I should pick up 2 250w magnetic retros for 80 a piece or just start cycling with the actinics and 400w that I will have and get more effecient/modern electronic ballasted retros?
Since you've already cured your rock,I dont your gonna have much of a cycle if you have one at all.
So I'd go ahead and pick up the ballast and be ready to fire em up.
Finally,the show is about to start.Considering the equipment you have,I'm sure it's going to look great!

One question though-are you using the Icecap 660 for actinics?
It seems like a waste to overdrive actinics.