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I am guessing this is where i would start a tank diary ? ...

Well as things seem to be moving along a bit further, thought i would start my tank diary thread.

Tank was originally going to be custom made , but due to being messed around . time wasting i decided to have a look at "" off the shelf tanks "".
I originally looked at a Fluval Roma 125 L but here in the UK it is sold with a bunch of extras that are useless for a marine tank , so i decided not to waste money on that.

I then noticed that the new TMC aquariums can be bought in a kit or aquarium only, as i have built my cabinet and not going sump i only needed the aquarium on its own.

So the aquarium is 600mm x 450mm x 450mm and is 130 L ( 28 G ) and has no brace bars and is rimless.
It is made from 8mm Optiwhite glass and only cost £189.95 --- $317 ( makes it sound expensive when converted to USD lol ).

and is expected to be dispatched on Monday and is to be sent next day delivery, but some parts of the UK are getting hit with snow this weekend , so it might not be sent out Monday.

I also ordered up self adhesive aquarium backing in black , comes as a kit , blade , scraper and a small spray bottle so that could arrive today or Saturday , have ordered enough to go along one end of the tank and the back.

not a great deal of pictures to add currently though ( my bad ) ,,,,

but what pictures i can show are off my first ever attempt at building an aquarium cabinet.

the wood i used to skin the framing was an old pc cabinet .. came in handy keeping the wood lol.

yes the cabinet is over built as i have used 3" x 2" treated timber , 3" wood screws that i have sunk down part way through so they are hidden and so they bite into the timber behind , all joins are glued as well. i have had to over build it as a family member convinced mum / mom the tank will weigh over a tonne / ton once full of water , rock , sand so she was paranoid the ceiling wont hold. gotta love family.

the store i am buying the tank from means i get points saved up and at the moment i have $8 saved so by the time i have bought the heater , sand and a few other bits i should have nearly $20 saved up. so i hope to be able to put it towards buying an MP10.

so here is my poor attempt at a cabinet build.


and finished

only the one door on it , as where my cabinet is going there is not enough space for an other door to open.
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hmmm hope to get an email today ( monday 21 ) saying my new Aquarium is on its way. BUT i dont think i will get an email.

As it has been heavy snowfall / blizzard in my town for the past 2 hours and sadly as this is the UK they are not all that great when it comes to snow lol , we are slightly better in Scotland at getting on with things.
But the local department for snow clearing are not all that great at clearing snow , putting grit down on the town roads and just focus on the freeway .

and many delivery companies decide not to work if there is a little snow around.

BUT the last weather report just over an hour ago showed that for the next 48 hours at least. a lot of snow along with strong winds forecast for East Scotland and my town is right in the middle of the oncoming weather front.
so i think there could be a delay lol.
ah damn it , just checked the company i bought the aquarium from , and they have told me they have still not been able to get any in stock and they are currently trying to source it for me. expected delivery date is Friday 25th.
Well that sucks...just think in a few months it will be up and running and this will look like a little set back. Just need to get there..
i am not holding my breath lol , if they do get one they better not send it out on Friday as delivery companies are not the best with fragile goods over weekends . unless they want to send it to me on Saturday delivery free of charge for keeping me waiting.

as i am not giving them any more money . they took the money in full straight away when i ordered on the 16th and delivery on Saturday is $30 extra.
well that is a surprise ( not ) just got an other email informing me the aquarium is still out of stock and they are trying to source one as quickly as possible. and expected dispatch day is now Monday 28th.

Wish they were not the only ones that would deliver to Scotland as i have found a company that is selling the same tank for $66 cheaper but sadly they wont deliver an aquarium that size to Scotland.
SANTA IS COMING ,,,,,,,, well ok it is not santa but it is a close second.

It has only taken 2 weeks , but i finally got an update that my aquarium has arrived at the shop and they have sent it out as pallet delivery to arrive with me tomorrow.
just hope it arrives all well and not as a jigsaw.

just need to order 2 x 4kg bags of sand and a 100 watt heater , bucket of salt , 2 x 36 watt PAR38 bulbs , light fitting . brackets to suspend lighting from wall and a T piece for the RO unit so i can fill 2 containers at same time.
i just have to expect the delivery driver to do something they are not known for doing ....
i have to ask him to stand and wait while i have a quick check to see if the tank is broken or not.

as if its broken and i just sign of it then i discover its broken i get no help from the company. if its broken i have to sign it as "" damaged "" and then take the tank and phone the company to arrange delivery back to them lol.
Well dang give him the cookies then....or maybe a candy cane might take him more time to eat it.
just a quick pic before batteries died lol.

tank arrived all well , and this is what it looks like after i put the backing on.

That is great....first huge step is out of the way a nice solid tank, no breaks, chips or cracks...looks good already...
tank looks larger than i thought lol.
and even though its empty i love the optiwhite glass.

The backing just needs to be trimmed tomorrow as it should have dried fully by then.
backing is a sticky backed plastic , wet the glass with water , washing up liquid mix and then spray the actual sticky backed plastic on the sticky side. and use an old bank card to smooth.
went on in 2 - 3 mins and will just trim any extra tomorrow.
have an other idea so i can use the extra width / hight of the tank but still have ample open space for swimming and water flow.
she is going to be a beautiful tank...heck already is and its dry...cant wait to see it wet.
checked one of the parcels this morning on the tracking , and it informs me it is still in England and will be delivered next week.

2 hours later a knock at the door , and it was a delivery man standing with a big brown box marked fragile.
I opened it and to my surprise it was the PAR38 quadspec led bulbs and the refractometer i bought.

I only paid for the 1 PAR38 and refractometer and the guy who owns the led company added a 2nd PAR38 free , he did say he tested it along with a load of others and this one was playing up , but thinks it was down to moisture as the bulb had been sitting around unused.
I screwed it in and it works all apart from 1 Fiji blue but i dont care about that.
and the other bulb which would have cost me £79.99 ( $125 ) only cost me £45 ( $70 ) is fine and all leds work .

I was not able to put the second bulb up as my light fitting did not arrive today.
so at the moment i only have a single bulb over the tank.