Reefing newb
Hey my name is Ed, I live in Central Florida and yes I am a cabinet maker!:) I'm interested in building a salt water tank. I've been doing some research, mainly on you tube, on how to accomplish this. I guess my first question is how tall can I make a tank? I've had some people tell me not to make it taller than my reach into the tank. (due to maintenance) Ive also been told that my lighting will not help in coral growth due to the height. Now here's what I've been thinking... 37inches wide X 36inches tall X 16inches in depth. This gives me roughly 90 gallons. My second question is how big of a sump should I create for this. would a 25 gallon sump be sufficient? I realize that I should make the sump as large as possible but I want to go inside an existing cabinet that I made for a 30 gallon fresh water tank I had years ago. the dimensions available I have for the sump are 34 inches long X 21 inches tall X 16 inches deep. Any help here would greatly be appreciated!!
Welcome from FL.

I like tall tanks, but you have to secure the rocks from falling. The sump is another matter, and is unrelated to the tank height.