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I was recently given a 180 gallon tank and wood stand by a family friend that moved away.
I currently have a 29 gal cichlid tank and has been running for about 2 yrs which is stocked to the brim with some of the most beautiful and colorful cichlids I could find. (I'll take a few pics)

Initial idea for the 180 was a Freshwater teacup and motoro sting ray tank with a few compatible fish. Only fear is that someone will get a painful sting and there are two little curious girls in my house. Sooo...BASEMENT REEF =) Everybody loves nemo, right?

-Varnished the wood stand (Looks awesome)
-Cleaned out the tank (with vinegar and tap water)
-Cleaned & Set up HOB Bio-wheel filter and HOT Magnum ready to use
-Mixed saltwater in a 50G Rubbermaid bin i bought
-Bought a little LR (Hope it doesn't "Die" in the bin)

*Got 1 powerhead... need 3-4 more
*Got plenty of space for a refugium and skimmer at the bottom... (DIY here I come)
*Plan to seed my LR and LS with safe reef rock and ....(Home Depot Sand )? Maybe
**This will be a FOWLR tank**

So Far so good?
I'm I forgetting anything here guys?
Also the tank recieves some sunlight. Looks kinda cool actually... Good thing? Bad thing?
Welcome to the site...glad to have you aboard.

You should ditch the bio-wheel filter, it's a nitrate trap. And the sand at home depot contains silicates, which will fuel algae, so I wouldn't use it. Natural sunlight can be an issue also, by encouraging algae growth and fluctuationing temps.
Hello and Welcome!

+1 Smitty

To keep the LR live, just add a pinch of fish food every day to keep the waste cycle going for the bacteria.
+1 Lil and Smitty. My neighbor tried going the cheaper route and using home depot sand had the tank up for a month or two and had to take it all down because of the sand!! Its to compact and his sand sifters, and start fished couldnt burry themselves. Just a lil info to share with ya!!
Thanks guys.
I've started cycling and am setting all equipment up this weekend.

Aquaripure filters? Has anybody used one?