Highland reef

Ok well here are some pics , not long after i added the inmates to the tank lol.

also added the pics of how well they were packed during shipping.

there was a lid , but i did not include that in the pics.
each item was triple bagged , and 2 heat packs were added . he also added bits of carbon and algae to help filter water / supply food during shipping. first company i have used to do that.

the included acclimation kit ( again the first company i have used to offer this )

Far bigger black brittle star than i have seen for sale else where here in the UK and far cheaper as well.

this fellow just finished pushing a smaller hermit of the rock , just so it can get all the algae to its self lol.

Mr B temp house not long after being added to the tank.

Mr B out for a walk in his new home.

and the little cleaner shrimp , was the best i could get as he was to shy lol.
and you can just make out one of the gold ring money cowrie in the bottom right corner of the pic

and a FTS

and at the end of the month i am hoping to buy all my coral ( or largest % ) at one time. but so far the store i would be using has not been in touch ... strange i thought a store would be keen to make a £200 ( $305 ) sale. but guess not lol.
oh well , my post has died a death like in the UK forum lol.

It could more than likely be the last post on the tank anyway.

The store here in the UK i am trying to buy my corals from has still failed to get back to me , and i seem to be getting excuses now as to why they cant talk to me.

for nearly 3 weeks i have been trying to contact them in one way or an other.
i called Monday only to be told he does not work on Mondays , call Tuesday and she will tell him he has a customer calling.
I called Tuesday only to be put on hold for 10 mins , only for the woman to come back and tell me "" He is to busy to talk to you , one of our display tanks has split . whats your number he will call you back when he can "".
no one phoned back .
and i am not sure how true this is , but i was told by someone else while i was being told they were cleaning up a split display tank , he was actually selling corals to members on an other UK forum.
a company here in the UK called Fishmans frags.

i was not sure if i was allowed to mention non sponsors etc , as in the UK we get into trouble on forums if we mention stores that are not sponsors on the forum lol.
i called the company about the corals again , and i finally got the man in charge of the corals ....... and he had never been told i tried to phone and had never got my number to call back. but has put aside 2 corals . and is sending me a txt msg tomorrow ( friday ) when the new stock arrives , and he will send me a txt msg 30 mins before the stock goes on the internet so i can get first look at the stock and make my order
I love the clean up crew...This is the first thread I look at when I do come on. Just havent been on much because of all the wonderful real life crap. Glad the guy in charge finally talked to you, it seems he needs a new staff. They are the ones who suck or are the ones being blamed. I still think this tank is going to be great, keep at it you do good work.
Hi Jml , there are other stores i can get coral from BUT they are a hell of a lot more expensive lol. a store local to me is so expensive $300 would get me 2 coral only.

well he got a new delivery of coral in on Friday and he forgot to send me a msg on my cell phone . but i was checking the forum every 30 mins lol. so i was able to catch some of the better colourful stock . i put in an order for 3 and was lucky enough to get them :D.

so i have coming ,,, pin wheel fungia , frogspawn , red and green / blue lobo. and a elegance coral ( small one ) as well as a favia mixed colour.

the lobo is red on the outside with the blue / lime green line around the inside with red in the centre .

I spent a little less than i was wanting . but i will buy coral feed with the left over money . and i can feed the tank as a whole. i wont target feed as such.

and when are they due to arrive ??? i am not saying lol. just need to wait for photographs.
i will also have to buy a blue bulb for night time viewing.
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coral arrived a day later than original date . not held up over night etc.
just the store wanted to be on the safe side and use heat packs knowing they were coming to Scotland , as we are still getting bellow freezing at nights / dawn.
and his delivery of heat packs had not arrived.
so he kept them until the heat packs came in and then sent up my coral.

I was to excited to open the box and check on condition so did not take any pictures lol.
but thats all the corals now being drip acclimated , but the cat frag is opening up already , and the polyps on the fungia are coming out as well.

and tomorrow i should be getting my LPS feed delivered.
not the best of pics , but just quick ones.

Cat frag



Fungia looking down


Favia or Acan i always get the 2 mixed up
thanks , just need to look for more LPS that are not red or green lol.

i have been offered a tank cloned / tank split how ever you want to call it Rose bubble tip. and here in the UK they are regarded as bomb proof and suitable for new tanks
just ordered a FIJI blue bulb from my friend who owns the aquarium LED business that i got my main lighting from ... the bulb is Par20 and has 3 x 455nm blue and 2 x 420nm Fiji purple / UV leds.

and hes just told me hes working on a Par 56 led bulb . i dont want to say to much as i am not sure how much he wants public at the moment.
lol , you read about it . and do plenty research on them . and yet when a tank cloned BTA goes walk about under a rock and upside down you worry pmsl.
It was sticking out yesterday saying hello i am still here but shy.
i took the chance to feed it to help it settle , so i offered some LPS pellets and damn it moved fast . the pellets stuck like glue and it munched them up.

going to look at the grocery store at the fresh fish counter shortly see if they have any squid or prawns in today and get some.

though i hope to get a pair of clowns soon in the hope they will host but not sure which species of clowns yet.
How big is the bubble tip? It should be double the size of each clown on either side. Otherwise, if they try hosting it while it's too small they can end up damaging it and killing it. I have a red bubble tip in my 29g that my black clowns haven't even looked at yet lol >_>
never heard of that one before , as to double the size of clowns on either side of it.
i would struggle to find clowns suitable size then , as sadly here they tend to get fish of set size per order it seems.
like one of the species that do host BTA ,,

the A. Akindynos are only X large so i am guessing that would be adult size of 6".
but looking at the importers list they have Clarki clowns from the Maldives at small size . and looking at stores who use them . my local store has had a delivery of Clarki within the past 4 weeks .
and they have also had Tomato clowns delivered in small size.

and when my nem opens fully i would say its 5" across possibly 6" ( not including the tentacles ) but the "" disk "" area maybe even over 6" at a push. its hard to say.

might be worth taking a trip to my local store one day and see what clowns they have in stock that are known to host RBTA and see the size of clowns.
damn it ........

Last week i ordered $40 of frozen food ... it was supposed to arrive Wednesday. i check the tracking only to find out it was never loaded onto the van and i would get it Thursday. great thats no use the food will be off by then , and full thawed out.
got in touch with the company i bought it from and they were very helpful.
the food arrived Thursday absolutely stinking through all the packing , i had to open it to get the LPS pellets . only to find the packing full of thawed out fish with guts , thaw juice all over the place which covers me and i stink like hell for the rest of the day despite 3 showers.

the company was absolutely assured 1 million % they will get a replacement collected and it will be delivered Friday morning , WRONG.
checked the tracking again to read parcel was left at the sortation facility in England AGAIN. so food was delivered Monday afternoon with a neighbour.
i had to apologise for the stench coming out the packing and explained what it was.

i complained to the delivery company and was basically told "" so what "" . the company i bought the food from are far from happy and are going to take things further with the delivery company.

I have just bought a DI pod last night from an other store online , just to get an email 5 mins ago saying its to be delivered tomorrow. and the delivery company YEP you guessed it , the idiots who failed to deliver the frozen food.
ok so the DI pod wont go off BUT they could delay it and brake it .

with some luck the DI pod does arrive tomorrow.

i bought a DI pod to go with my RO just to polish it as my water comes out the RO unit at 2 TDS . so i thought why not get rid of the 2 and get 0 TDS lol.