july meeting


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My house is available for july, If nothing else has already been planned.
This will probly be the last meeting before the frag swap, So we probly need to have a itenerary to go over, and try to get everthing ready, there will be alot of little things that we will need everyones help to prepare for.

1. - Brandon and I even talked about selling pizza and cokes to make some extra money, so we would need people to help with that.(Angela can we sell food at chatt state?)
2. - Does anyone work at a print shop or know where we can get about 5 street signs (election type) to post at the exit ramps at 153 and the entrance to chatt state. just to help the non locals find it. we could also reuse them every year.
anyway those are just a few things we will need help with.

This thread is now sticky.... I say we try for the second weekend the 8th if all possible for Julys meeting.

This gives us time to make adjustments and do stuff before 8-5(frag day).

David had also mentioned hosting....

thats cool, We can let dave host. just so everyone knows ill post my address though, and go ahead and buy the food. Cause we know the results!:mrgreen:
July 15th MY HOUSE! FOR SURE NO BACKING OUT! Im proving you all wrong.

12ish sound good?

224 Century Dr.
Rossville, Ga. 30741

My house is not on mapquest so I'll post some directions later. It is not but a few miles of I-75.
Come on Brandon - not A chance - He said no backing out this time. Don't worry David I'll stand up for you. I have faith....(quietly makes small $5 bet with Brandon, behind David's back) :mrgreen:
Yea he was already talking about having to change the weekend.

I just know if i was ever in the hospital and I needed an organ from David I would just tell them to pull the plug.:death: :goodnight
You said you liked the 8th better whiney butt!

Is the 8th good? I'll let you all know on the 8th or 15th. I'm the boss!
The 8th won't work for me - we have a wedding to go to in knoxville. I could do it on Sunday the 9th, or the following weekend. I hope I'll get to come - I just got my cargo pants back with 4 DEEP water proof pockets! I am looking forward to seeing David's tank!!! I'll be watching till ya'll figure it out.
Well you better find another pocket for that supersized bottle of chemi clean your going to need.

Flat worm, red bugs, cyno just a few of the things david has shared with me from his tank.... what a nice guy... he always gives you more than your expecting..
The 9th would be ok I think. It will have to be about 3 or 4 pm though. Let me know. It will have to be the 8th or 9th though.
Oh I have none of what Brandon says I have. Ask Brian he just came over and seen the tank.
Ok crap heres the deal. The meeting will have to be on Saturday the 8th or Sunday the 16th. We don't have Sunday night services but my wife just reminded me that we are having a special service the night of the 9th.
Sounds to me like hes still keeping to his original agreement of the 8th , Im gona have to put my $20 on dave this time, plus hes suppose to frag me some corals so im being nice till i get them.:mrgreen:
Hum... lets review.... I suggested the 8th david then said

Saturday the 15th at 12ish no backing out this time....

I'll take my $20.


Im not backing out! YOUR the one that wanted me to change it in the first place! ;)
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That was for two reasons:

1) So i could give you a hard time.
2) So i could get 20$.

We love you David. Don't be upset.
Your hosting so pick a date and time and just let us know.
And we all know that your tank is the best in the club. I may have a few cool gadgets but what it boils down to is who has the best and most healthy livestock. You win my friend. :)

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Selling food/drinks is a conflict and isn't allowed. There are many vending machines in the cafeteria, which is where we're holding the meeting.
Ok the Sunday Night service has been cancelled due to reef meeting so the date is....................Drum Roll Please....................

JULY 9th!! 3PM!! FINAL!!

PS. The service was rescheduled due to other reasons.. :)