frag swap itenerary

OK first off: Brian ROFLMBO!!!:bounce:

Second: Brandon I really honestly do appreciate you bro. Thanks for looking after the tank and your reward is coming. I am actuall working out a deal for your own 2 polyps. That reminds me would you be willing to trade a few of your zoas for some of the armg? My connection wants to deal.
Bryan no the tang not you, we know you are going bald.

David heck yea I would I would work something sweet out for one of that and an AOG if he is willing.

Im not going bald!!!! April cuts it that way cause she says it extremely sexy, Sometimes she shaves everything!!! (Above the south pole):mrgreen:
Yea that pole starts pointing south about the same time baldness sets in.

This thread is taking a turn for the worst, so I'm off to bed.

David think you could take a few pics of my zoas tomorrow at the meeting?

I've said it before and I'll say it again...You guys are ROUGH!!!!
Hey where do I get in line for these AOG or ARMG???? I can trade some...OK so I don't have anything worth trading yet but my wife could make you a really nice picture of something!!!!
See you guys tomorrow.

Oh yeh, Brian I think your comment about shaving was a little more info than we needed!!
Sorry pat, Sometimes I forget not everyone has such a great sensual relationship as I do!!!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
I'm glad you and your wife have such a sensual relationship, just keep it to yourself!! Your dancing bananas make me feel all funny inside!!
:lavalamp: There let me give this thread some mood lighting!
You guys are great!! :beerchug:
Just wanted to update ya'll. I bought a box of the plastic name tag holders that have the pin attached to them. My wife has made name tag badges with the chatt reef club logo on it. Then put the members first name under that. It wasn't much cost and I thought it would look much more professional than the sticky "hello my name is" tags. Hope ya'll like them. I'll bring them to chatt state tonight for those who make it to see.

The ballot boxes are finished and the suggestion box is finished. We just have to attach the last few to the boxes but we will do that tonight at chatt state.
Thanks to you Patrick and your wife for all the hard work. I know I saw the boxes and they are great bro. Very professional! ;)