frag swap itenerary


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Here is a updated list of whats going on and whos doing what.

1. 5 Street signs = Reinfinity-Chris
2. Vendor banners= Angela,Girls
3. Setup friday night= Bryan,Brandon anyone else would be a good help so just do your best to come help hang banners and move tables.
4. We need several extension cords, Preferably 12Guage to help with amperage draw. Plus some powerstrips.=Bryan 2 cords, 2strips, patrick 1 cord, 1 strip.brandon? maybe one or two more cords and strips would be good.
5. Sound= Chris - some kind of a small PA or kareoki machine, just something to work in a small 75x75 room.
6. Raffle boxes= Brandon has boxes, patrick has custom designed pictures for the boxes. We need to finalize how we will be ticketing for raffles on the 29th,
7. Sell club frags= its up in the air what exactly will be needed do to ever changing ideas of setting up tanks, So michael will be planning on selling anyones corals who is doing something else with the swap and cant find anyone to sell there own stuff.
8. suggestion box= Patrick is designing
9. Local store donations= Cleveland-anthony or patrick check with local stores, Brandon and I will work on bermuda,fishmania,fishparadice.
10. Raffles=Brandon and I will be trying to run the whole raffle table,
attendance raffle= everyone who attends will recieve one free raffle, this will also let us know how many attend,
11. T-Shirts= We will try and go to walmart on the 29th to find a t-shirt so we all match.
12. Keep bumping the links on the web sites, since some of you have been doing it last week weve gotten alot more responses. keep it up.
13. Advertising= Andy has done a excellent job of advertising so far,keep it up, I liked the idea of lighting yourself on fire to get on prime time news but we may want to hang on with that idea!
14. Club cards have arrived and look good, We will be trying to get members at the swap so we may need help with laminating cards and such.
15. vendors= several of our vendors are flying in for this, so be kind and if you can afford to buy some of there products, please do.
16. We really need everyone there early saturday morning, Brandon and I will probly be there between 8:00 and 9:00, and plan on helping cleanup afterwards.
17. Powerpoint equipment= Brandon will be bringing whatever the speakers dont have.
18. If you have any two way radios bring them, we can comunicate better that way.
19. Small vendor signs= Brandon will make some small vendors signs to be taped to the edge of there tables giving the name and web addresses.
20. Coolers= If any of you have extra large shipping coolers bring then for people who need something to take there corals home in, I can probly get several from the lfs.
21. If anyone has a 1500 watt or bigger generator we can have on hand just in case that would be good.

ill update the list as I think of more things
22. I will be taking care of the zoa frag demo table and all that it intells. Brandon is going to donate some rubble alond with myself.

We also need to get some stickers for name tags correct?

I am going to try and get out to help set up but it might be a little later. I have to perform a wedding Friday night. (funny story about this, remind me to tell you guys)

What time are you going to be setting up on Fri?
we didnt want to post about the fragging demo, just in case you dont show or the corals dissapear that way noone will be disapointed.
We are expecting a very nice item to be donated this week that will top all the raffles if it works out!!
3 - I'll be there fri night to help with set up.
6 - I've got the graphics done for all the raffle boxes, and the gift certificates printed. Hello lighting and premium aquatics just sent us #'s so the certificates had to be printed.
8 - Almost finished with the suggestion box graphics.
9 - Michael's Aquatic Den is giving us a $25 gift certificate - good in his store or through his on-line store.
But then that would spoil the suprise David! I don't know about professional She just enjoys doing things like this. I will see if I can get a couple of them posted with the margins correct on the forum. If not I am going to bring them to the meeting saturday at Brandon's. So if there are any changes needed we will have time to make them before the swap.
Well David I finally got one of the raffle box graphics to load and keep the margins correct. I hope it's good enough for you. My wife worked really hard on them all but we both think this one is the best...


I'll bring the rest to the meeting tomorrow.
No kidding... You said she was better than David.. I just thought you were talking a bunch of game... you know my wife is better than you type thing...

Thats better than anything I have seen of David, the one type he waved the magic pixie dust stick over that brown coral and made it look like a PM was pretty neat.

David :bowdown: :bowdown:.. you've been Powned.
HAHAHA Funny! What I think is more funny is that you went through all this trouble just to get at me. Hey if your embarassed of your wife's work just say so bro.

As for you Club President want to be, no Armor of God zoas for you. Now you've been owned!

BTW I'll kick anybodys butt in graphics including your wife!! LOL! Tell her the club card was not my best work it was good enough to get Brandon off my case. He told me about the giggles yall got. Laughs on you! :)
David, before making threats, one should remember I have a key to your house.

Meeting at Davids for a little pre frag swap fragging.

Dont anyone bother, after lunch today we pretty much cleaned him out of anything worth having, all thats left is a bunch of DooDoo brown PPE's and nobody wants those once theve seen them!!!!:mrgreen:
:nanananan :nanananan take that brandon!!!
I dont know what that is though! Is it a frag of rare acan that youve been promising.
No, those are not working out as of yet, but there are still a couple promising leads. If all else fails you can have the frag of the one you wanted in the first place. (jerk)
Hey man, Ive got a really cool frogspawn ill trade you, I just got it the other day. Its tank raised locally. It never looked as good as it does in my tank though. the guy who raised it starves his fish and corals for some reason? Anyway ill trade it for some of those irridesent water colored pearly gate zoas youve got.
How about you just give them to me, since you can make normal wolf polyps look like that anyways :).

You're such a jerk, this is what I get for saying your tank was nicer than mine last week. Then wasting my lunch break twice this week to care for your tank.

My feelings are hurt and I'm going to bed.
BTW my fish and coral aren't starved, they just don't swim around in their own waste :pooh:.

Ask the purple tang why his head is rotting away about your water quality.

With friends like us who needs enemies.