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We are planning a move several months from now and trying to figure out which of our tanks/inhabitants to bring with us. We don't have anything complicated, but I'm not quite sure how to go about "packing" them.

We have 5-10 small hermits, 5 small snails, 3 sexy shrimp, and a pistol/goby pair (these are the two I'm most worried about), a clown and a royal gramma. We also have a handful of corals, 2 or 3 zoas, bubble coral, a few others, I'm less concerned about these but I would like to keep my zoas.

What would be the best way to transport them? The drive would be 15-20 hours which we would drive in one day. Would they even be okay, sloshing around in a car for that long? What do I put them in and what do they need as far as heating/cooling? It will be next spring/summer so the weather will be warm.

Anyone have any tips, guidance, resources for me?
just put your water in a cooler with some rock and the fish every once in a while inject some air in there with a turkey baster to oxygenate the water. put heater in there aswell and monitor temp and you should be fine
If you are friendly with your LFS ask them if they can come over, or you bring them to them. Have them bag and box them for shipping. 15-20 hours in a car would be fine. Remember, these guys are shipped the same way for a minimum of 24 hours from a wholesaler or collector.
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Put the rock in a new garbage bin if ya know what im saying.
Seperating everything would be your best bet to keep things happy, container for coral, container for rock, and last a container for fish.
Or bag em like fast said, i would probs go for the bag.
You might also want to think about getting a small battery powered air pump so you dont' have to do the turkey baster thing. You should be able to find them for about $10.00. Just a thought.
Thank you so much for all the tips! I really appreciate it. I'm glad to find out that it WILL be possible to bring everyone with us. :D