Dolly back has signs of ICH. Looking for advice


Reefing newb
Good morning! New here but excited to be a member. Past few days my Dollyback has shown signs of ich. White spots. For a week now. The fish is very active and eats like a champ. My concern is what to do. A QT is not an option, I have a total of 7 fish, it will do more harm trying to catch them all and tearing apart the established corals and such catching them. I had red velvet about 3 months ago, wiped out the population in less than a week. I had to fallow the tank for 3 months. And here we are again. The other fish show no symptoms so far, but if the dollyback has it, it’s in the tank. Should I pull that fish out and give it away? Euthanize it? Just keep moving forward and see how it goes? I am concerned it will just keep hosting the ich as it reproduced each cycle. Thoughts? I am currently mixing food for all wish with garlic extract and mixing metroplex as a preventive and treatment. Thank you!