Same Story, ICH got em

Mark Smith

Reefing newb
Ok for about the last year i have had a 29 gallon FOWLR setup. It had a blue tank and 2 clowns and was doing great. Well for christmas i received a 60 gallon so I dont my first ever tank swap. Everything went well but like lots of people i got over excited and bought an angel fish a week later. They all got ich and i lost them all. Well needless to say i have hit the wall and will start doing some things that i have been neglecting. I will be quarantining new fish. I have a biocube thats been setup for about 8 months, its doing awesome and the clown in it is beautiful so i will be using that as a qt. The ticker started today, i got the last fish out lastnight and im letting the tank set fallow for the next 8 weeks. so finally, the question is, can i feed the tank every few days to keep it cycled or leave it alone??? not sure what exactly i should do.

Any help would be awesome, Thanks!