New Royal Gramma


Reefing newb
HI I am new to the marine tank hobby. I have a 60 gal tank that has cycled and is just over 2 months old. I have live rock and live sand since originally set up. Water parameters are
Ammonia 0
Nitrates and Nitrites 0
SG 1.023
PH 8.2
Temp 79
2 ocellaris Clown fish (3 weeks) doing awesome
1 diamond goby (since Sunday) appears to be doing well
1 royal gramma (since Sunday)
Sunday hid all night did not eat (which I expected) did a drip acclimation for 90 minutes.
Monday was out all day swimming with the clowns ate like a champ.
Tuesday hid in a rock all day. I did not witness it eating.
Today laying under a rock (shelf area) did not eat.
Other observations since I put him in the tank. Keeps its fins close to its body (not faneed out like the clowns)
There is a blackish area near the tail fins but is irregular in size and shape probably it's natural coloring.
It has been at the LFS since December and all their tanks are treated with copper and UV. Therefore I did not QT this fish.
Bottom line is this fish sick or is it normal behavior of the Royal Gramma?
Thanks in advance


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Is it smaller than the clowns? They have had the tank basically to themselves and now they have to share the may be showing their dominance. Try to move a few rocks around to throw off the clowns territory. But from the photo I can’t see any evidence of illness, it does look stressed.
Thank you for the reply. Sadly the royal gramma died. So now I'm freaking out will my 2 clowns and goby get sick? Ahould i be doing anything to prevent any others from gwttimg sick? The LFS said it had to be my tank because their fish aren't sick and are all treated with copper and uv. How does a fish go into a tank with perfect water parameters and die 2 and half days later if it wasn't sick already?
I’m sorry for your loss.
Stress is a killer, are the other fish acting normally? You could take a water sample to the shop and have them test it.
UV sterilizers are very usefull, the thing about them is they are specific to what your treating different wattage and flow rates for different things.
Some times the worst thing to do is to fiddle with things, was there any evidence of illness or parasites? Don’t react with out evidence, it’s easy to cause more harm.