September Meeting

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How does september 17th sound to everyone?? I would like to do it on Sunday because I am going to cook Barbeque on saturday for us. It takes about 12 hours to cook on the smoker so I have to do it the day before. I'll supply the barbeque, buns and baked beans. So all we need is things to go with...potato salad, cole slaw, drinks, chips etc. I thought it would be nice not to have pizza again. I would like to get a head count on who plans on coming so I will know how much barbeque to make.

I will go ahead and warn everyone my tank is not as well stocked or as nice as Brandon's, David's or Bryan's :bowdown: . Since this will be the first meeting with our new president at the helm I thought it might be a good time to discuss things we would like to see the club do over the next year. Lets kick some ideas around like the ones in the thread about improving our club. Also remember that dues are due if you have not paid yet :mrgreen:

I will post directions as the time gets closer. I hope some of the new people that have been posting lately will try to come. You don't have to be a member to attend a meeting. Come check things out and get to know everyone. This group has a bunch of very knowledgeable members and we like to have a good time, so come out and see for yourself. Oh and if anyone wants to bring a frag for the host, all gifts will be accepted!!
Sounds great patrick. ill bring whatever you need. I will not be able to make it though till after church, so I would probly be there around 1:00 - 1:30. Or whenever you post times after that? I think you should charge for the BBQ. Like the better the frag they bring you the bigger the portion of BBQ. (by the way, ill be bringing you that Blasto I said id get for you!)
We need to really push to get some of these new posties to attend the meeting, the swap was to atract new members, and better the club, so lets get those potential members!!
hey is michaels open on sundays? Maybe we could make a trip over there as a club to show support and give some buissness?
I thought we would go for 2pm. That would give those who attend church time to get done and get there behinds up to Cleveland and me time to get home and get things ready! And for a blasto frag, you can have all the bbq you want my friend!!! J/K the bbq is free and the frag comment was a joke. Of course if you bring one it will not be refused and I promise it will not end up on e-bay!! Sorry Dave, I know you are not here to defend yourself. That kinda makes it more fun!!

I agree, all you new folks come on up and join us for a good time. We won't pressure you to join until your second meeting. That's when we start charging for the food for nonmembers!! J/K Hope to see everyone there.

Michael's is not open on sunday's but I hope he may attend the meeting. I'll let you know more after I ask him!
We Will Be Coming And Are Planning To Be Come Members.will It Be Easier To Do Join Before At The Meeting??? And Michaels Is Closed On Tuesdays And Sundays But We Are Going Tonight Need Me To Ask Him Anything??
We will have everything you need to join at the meeting! The initiation is fairly painless!:shocking: I was asking about michaels cause alot of us dont get up there to see what hes got, I thought it would be neet to have a field trip as a club while everyones in cleveland. Someone could ask if he would be interested in opening for a hour or so for everyone to see what hes got?
Been trying to get to a meeting now for 3 mo. eavery time something comes up. went to the frag swap but dident see anywhere to sighn up I am verry intrested in becoming a member and will be at this meeting unless im six feet under or not welcom whitch I dont think will hapen so see you there
Glad to hear that Silvers - we will look forward to meeting you. As Bryan stated, all the stuff will be there for anyone who would like to sign up. I will post my address as it gets a little closer. For a reference I am approx 3 miles from exit 27.
Sounds good brent, Sorry I didnt get a chance to get out today! I dont know if your in a hurry? I can always bring you some xenia to the meeting in sept.? or we can still try and meet up sometime.
Its all good buddy, If you want i could come out to Ringold to save gas for you or help convience. I just really want some xenia my last ones i had in my nano cube crashed one day and most stores in chattanooga want too much $75 at bermuda triangle. But whatevers good for you, just lemme know. Thanks
For those who would be interested, I thought we could make some "custom" fish food. If those who would like to participate would bring a frozen raw seafood we could put them ina blender and then divide them up to be frozen at home. I have read a good about this and it seems like a good way to feed ou corals and fish. Making it yourself cut down on the phosphates and adds variety. For example, we could do shrimp, scallops, silversides, mysis and/or brine ( after straining them ) some formula one, maybe some cyclopeeze. The list could go on for quite a while.
Let me know if any one would like to do this.
Patrick list the items you need people to bring and we can sign up for it, the people that bring items for the food go home with food....

When I did this before a trip to fresh market for some oysters/clams/couple shrimp/squid/white fish then added cyclopteeze, nori, etc..

I would recommend leaving out the formula one and two, only because of the ash content if we are truely trying to make a quality food with low phosphates.

I was thinking along those same lines - If you can bring something just list what you will bring. I don't have a "list" of stuff I was just thinking seafood - white fish, shrimp, scallops, squid etc. I would think the fresh market or maybe even an asian grocery store would have what we are looking for. We could even put in some frozen mysis and/or brine. I have some freeze dried cyclopeeze we could use if you think it would work.

Also I am going to supply the bar-b-que buns and baked beans. So if some others could bring drinks and other fixins that you might want -potatoe salad, cole slaw, cookies, etc.

I need to get a head count of who is coming by early next week so I will know how much que to cook and beans/buns. Hope everyone will be able to make it.

Don't forget to think about some things we can do as a club - to benefit our membership #'s and to make the club better. We have a new President and we need to put him to work!!!
Hey Patrick...I will do my best to be there. I might not participate in the food making since I really don't have anything to feed. I'll bring some cookies and a couple of two liters, if you'd like.
I'll be there and I will bring some drinks, and potato salad. I dont know If I will make food though since I still have some from when I made some.
Bryan - You had better make it, after all your the new president and we have the initiation process to go through.
Brent - Glad your gonna make it, look forward to meeting you.
Chris - I hope your schedule will work out so you can make it. Let us know.
Anthony - sounds good, cookies and cola are always a good combo. I'm glad your gonna make it.
David - I'm sure will be able to use the drinks, and whatever food you bring will help a lot. store bought or home made. If it does wind up being home made can I make the request that you let your wife make it!! HaHa!! J/K
Brandon - Does that mean your gonna come to the meeting?