September Meeting

Ya I'll be there and bringing a newbie with me he has had a tank up for about 6 months .If you need anything else to eat let me know .We do not have a fish market around here .So I can't get my hands on those items to make the foods.
michael, you must always be there reading our stuff. Why dont you ever respond. I think your smarter than the rest of us! You figured out that if you respond all the time people pick on you more. :mrgreen:
I sent out an email with contact information and driving directions.

If you didn't get this tonight please let me know and i'll PM the information to you.

Bryan: Your the president and you gave me a bad email address, so that is why you didn't get one. Hope you find it ok.
My name is Sean and I am a achol...............oooops wrong meeting:shock: Im the newbie Michael spoke of.Lookin foward to meeting everybody Sunday.
Hey Sean see you this weekend.

Bryan maybe you spend a little more time when filling out forms in the future. I fixed your email account (not what you wrote on the form), so you should also now have the email.

It's kind of hard to spell check a paper form isn't it Bryan? Quick...what's 2+2? Can't do it with out the old calculator can you?
I plan on being there on the 17th, I'll proberly ride with James or he will ride with me. Either way I plan on being there. I'd like to know what time you plan on having the meeting. I'll get with James so we can make plans to be there.

50gal tank
michael, you are a wise one! All this time I thought you were a typical alabama fan!!:mrgreen: who new you hadnt fried your brain like the rest of the state! JK!
So Sunday eh??? Guess Mel won't be able to make it... I might swing by to see what you chaps are up to down there... :) Besides, I can't make our meeting this month, got to work...
Head this way randy... we are going to make some home made fish food and stink up patricks house....

See you Sunday.