September Meeting

Hehe nope I like those, but I did offer to give anthony a couple polyps for FREE.

Luv you man. Like I said I know you bought those from me, but I just wanted to give you a hard time.

Oh I know and I was just messing with you as well. I am ordering my 24g nano tonight, so I am not out, and when I build my house, you will all beg to view my monster inwall!! :bounce:

Oh Anthony where did you get yours sir?
OBTW I am not selling my equipment, just the tank and stand. I am saving my skimmer, lights, controller, top off, for the next tank which will start within the next year.

I am sorry everyone for not making the meeting. Patrick I have a few frags for you as a peace offering. If you dont have your PPE polyp yet, you do now. Same for you Anthony, maybe Patrick can pick yours up when he gets his. I would offer you more, but I only have 6 left. :frustrat:
Charlie & I join tonight & you wernt there!! :sniffles:...The 1st person we ever met from the group!! Hope to get to see you @ the next one!

BTW, we had fun Thanks for inviting us! :) :D
LOL! Glad you had a good time. You have a great family and I will see you at the next one, that is if the club doesnt hate me!! :Cheers:
David no one hates you, we just all get our hopes up because your so fun to pick on, then you stood us up :(. I'm not as good of a sport as you... bryan sorry about that key on the car I just lost my cool.
Glad to meet all the new people and sorry I didn't have more time to talk with everyone more. Hope to get to know you all better in the future.

It was great to meet all the new people at the meeting today. I hope everyone had a good time. Like Brandon said I'm sorry that I didn't get to talk with everyone more. I hope all of you will try to attend future meetings. We try to have a good time and make it fun for everyone. We still need to discuss some things about the club but we can do it on the club forum. The new members need to be given access to the club forum. Brandon do you do that or does Chris have to do it?
Thanks for the frag Brent - I have never seen gsp that color before!!
Thanks to James for bringing the tds meter and the refractometer. Oh and brandon your refractometer was a BIG help too! David, sorry you missed the meeting. No need to paypal, the money that was mentioned was for the fish food that we made not the bbq. Sent PM.

Hope to see all of you next month.
Dude I tried to give you one when we met at my house but you ran off. You never said anything to me about it. I am not as stingy as you, you'll get it you jerk!! :mrgreen:
Did everyone hear that crackling, rumbling sound??? No need to panic, it was just lightening striking at David's house.
Anthony if you will come to my house or meet me this week somewhere, I will give you your dang PPE and prove you and everybody else wrong! LOL! Call me at 423-290-1315 to set up a PPE apointment. Your getting an ugly one though...kidding.
Well everyone it was a great meeting today, We had several new members join, and met some new faces. Im sorry we didnt get to spend more quality time meeting everyone. the fish food preperation and going to michaels kind of pressed everyone for time.
Patrick your tank was awesome, the BBQ was almost as awesome. maybe a tie. thank you and your lovely wife for hosting. and for those of you that didnt know, patrick sacrificed going to capacino bay with me, to stay home all day saturday and cook that BBQ.

I believe we concluded that the Deep Six Hydrometers need to be burned at the stake, james correct me if Im wrong but every one tested was way off. the square Sea Test hydrometers seemed to be pretty close to being accurate.

the fish food was a success, it smelled horrible and looked even worse. Ive washed my hands countless times and still smell nasty.

We didnt get a chance to discuss perchasing something for the club use. We really need to decide on something and get it done. So start thinking and posting your ideas again.

Octobers meeting is just around the corner, and we hope to have you all there.
Everyone that joined up yesterday and that has requested access to the private club forums should now have it. I can't grant access unless you request it, so If I've left anyone out pleast request it and I'll grant it.