july meeting

Great then I get to come!! I'll get to try out those new pants withthe water proof pockets. :mrgreen: Did I read your earlier post correctly David...everyone who attends gets a frag of there choice. That sure was nice of you. :shock: :Cheers:
Your welcome Brandon.

Patrick HA!

Ok I'll do the Pizzas and plates.

We need drinks, ice, cooler, snacks, cups, etc.....
Ok Serious problem.

Sunday is the final WC game. Think we could hijack the TV David? Also need someone to come help you get the TV on the right channel an hour early say around 2?


Directions are needed. I told people at bermuda today to check here for information.

Please post directions atleast to your street, we can hang a balloon on the mailbox or something if you don't want to post your exact location online.

Don't we need to vote for club officers before this meeting? If so who do we send our vote to? And could someone post an updated list of the candidates?
Ok I am going to have to use an addy that is one street over from my neighborhood. Once you get on this final street (Mineral) you will look for a BIG BRICK sign at the front of my neighborhood that says FORT TOWN ESTATES. If you come from Cloudsprings it will be about a half mile on the left. If you come from Battlefield Prkwy (2A) it will be about a half mile on the right. Once you enter my hood, you take your FIRST right onto CENTURY DR. You will then proceed down the street and then the road will curve hard to the left. My house is on the left at 224 Century Dr. right outside the curve.

My Number: 423-290-1315

http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.ad...ille, GA 30741-4867, US&cid=lfmaplink2&name=
JUST GO TO THE ADDY I GAVE YOU FOR MAPQUEST! Then follow my directions. When you get here I will then wipe your butt for you and burp you as well.