july meeting

David great meeting.

Thanks for hosting the meeting and pizza. Didn't mean to barge in and start tearing your skimmer apart. Hope it is working better now.

Great tank.
Guys and gals...I had a GREAT time today! Thanks for all the info that was supplied to me and the service ( Brandon )

I am pretty stoked about the frag swap. I may or may not have anything to provide by that time. I'll try to think of more places to spread the word. :D:D

Next month, I can host the meeting if everyone is cool with that.
Thanks for hosting a great meeting and great pizza David! Your tank looks great. Man you got a lot of great zoas!! I like your light set up. Very simple and very affective. I forgot to ask - what kind of mh are you using?
It was nice meeting the new members, look for seeing you at the frag swap and future meetings.

Congrats to our new president - Brian. All hail the new chief!! :D

And to Brandon for VP and David for security/treasurer
Lets start taking pictures at all the meetings of the tanks of our host. This way those of us who are boating during the summer can see what we are missing. :)
Im trying to look out for you chris!
There not great pics but you havent exactly invited us out to the boat yet!

Heres Brandon trying to fix davids skimmer!


Heres david showing off one of his many colonies of PPE,S

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