June Meeting - 6-17 at 2 PM


Reef enthusiast
The June meeting will be at my house on 6-17 at 2 PM.

I live in north chattanooga around the 27/153 intersection. If you don't know where I live already and can make it to the meeting we would love to have you.
Just PM me and i'll reply with my exact street address.

Topic of discussion:
My Tank
New Website
Frag Swap

Hope to see everyone this weekend.
OH yea I'll be grilling out.

Burgers/Hot Dogs/Chicken for chicken sandwiches

How many will be coming and a count on the above.

Items needed.
Condiment Tray from subway think its like 5$
Buns(Hamburger and Hotdogs)
Cokes(Cans work best)
Paper Plates

Whatever else you would like to bring please list what you can bring.

Yea I will go ahead and tell you now that I can't make it. It being Father's day I will be spending time with the family and my daughter.

Sorry, I really want to come!
Thats a nice pic in your avatar Donny! Thats looks exactly like the pic I took!!!

I smell a 5th day discount coming my way when you open!! LOL! :D
To bad that is Father's Day. I'd really like to be in on the frag swap discussion.

Just look at my avatar...how could you not be with that on Father's Day?
Well Brandon has his little boy that looks just like him.


I have called a lot of people and it still looks like Sunday is better, but if you can't make it Saturday and you can Sunday please speak up tonight...

I'll do whatever accommodates the masses.

Hey don't worry about me, whichever is best for the group. :D

Who knows maybe I could sneak away, doubt it though.
LOL! Thats was before I realized it was father's Day. Some of us are Fathers to more than just a cute dog you know!!!! :D

Just keep it Sunday.