Ryans Reef

Its kind of an unknown genus Dustin, its similar to A. Validia but with some minor differences. Where did you see a "True" Tyree Purple Monster? They are sweet for sure but too rich for my blood. I have a hard line set at no more that $60 bucks for a frag and even then its got to be something very special. My colony redline is $100 FWIW.

Oh yeah here is a link to the place where you will get the best info on this coral

go look for the purple monster show off thread in the SPS forum on RC, they probably arent from the mother colony that tyree has but they look the same as his
That was a great way to kill and hour;)! I really like that coral a lot but Ive got some work to do to my system before I jump into the high dollar stuff, especially when you can find un-named acros that are just as nice IMO for a quarter of the price.
Ok so here are some depressing photos, this is the train wreck that my system has become.



This is what algae overrunning your SPS looks like

To top all of this aggrevation off, I came home to find my Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse had turned into fish jerky! My aggrevation level is off the charts right now. Tonight is the first time that the thought of taking my tank down since I started. I have no intentions of doing it but the thought crossed my mind.

Between the two jumpers ive had and what ever is eating my smaller fish this is the total of fish lost all in the last month besides one anthia.
Picasso Percula Clown-murdered
Bluespot Jawfish-murdered
lawnmower blenny-murdered
evansi anthia-murdered
evansi anthia-jumper
blue sided fairy wrasse-jumper

I've actually seen worse Ryan.At one point in my 75,the bryopsis was so bad you couldnt see a speck of rock or my corals.That stuffs just hard to rid of.
When mine was that bad,I took every single rock out and scrubbed them with a stiff brush untill there was no green anywhere.Then every time I seen a sprout come back up,I pulled it out.
I know exactly how you feel.I've been there myself.
No I sure havent but I thought that I saw a burrow that the jawfish didnt make before his disappearance. With all of the algae I cant see down into the back of the tank.
Wow :(, I wish you well on working through the tank issues. My Kole tang would love to have some of that algae over in my tank.
You think so? I have a Kole, a yellow tang, and a Naso tang and they dont touch it a bit. Turbos-dont touch Cerinths-dont touch nothing touches it.
Bummer. What about a lawnmower blenny. Im tryin here but it sounds like your gonna have to cook it. Also, I use ozone on my tank and algae is almost a nill.
You could run the GFO reactor on the main tank too temporarily until it goes away. The Two fishes reactors are small and easy to use. I run three of them in a series with a MJ 1200. 2 for carbon and on for GFO.